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  • Avatar for oozabooman
    It only takes one voice to convince a million others that your own is worth hearing.
  • Avatar for frikiloko
    When new album?
  • Avatar for darth_pigeon
    but seriously... can i trust you hannah?
  • Avatar for brownstar
    If I can't trust you then damn it Hannah....
  • Avatar for Namey
    "lovely music for lovely day." true, true
  • Avatar for nathanaelkan
    lovely music for lovely day.
  • Avatar for tocutcrystal
    sounds like Nik Kershaw, i like it!
  • Avatar for takoooy
  • Avatar for tochinawithlove
  • Avatar for EclecticWarrior
    love them. sucks about their gear being stolen :\
  • Avatar for PopKaa
    underrated gloriousness
  • Avatar for Blakecesear123
    Invitation is the fucking best
  • Avatar for BorisJackson
    EP >>>LP. Estas son las pequeñas decepciones que te da la vida. [2] I hardly understand any Spanish but I have to agree.
  • Avatar for patreeeek
    Featured them on my November 2011 Spotify playlist!
  • Avatar for dementpraecox
    EP >>>LP. Estas son las pequeñas decepciones que te da la vida.
  • Avatar for drin2
    Catchy as fuck
  • Avatar for DanBarrera
    Just happines.
  • Avatar for burgerrecords
    out now on burger records, it's... DOMINANT LEGS - INVITATION (CASS) 250 pressed and numbered! INSANELY CATCHY, WELL PRODUCED SUPER POP!!! featuring Ryan W Lynch and Garett Goddard (ex-Girls)!!!
  • Avatar for pinepeach
    yuss :D
  • Avatar for frikiloko
    fucking good!
  • Avatar for lazydynamite
    Can't stop listening to these guys. I'm very amused by this find.
  • Avatar for minimalnoize
    very nice!
  • Avatar for moonchapter
    Hoop of love :)
  • Avatar for Criznittle
    Dominant Legs "Hoop Of Love" is featured on Indie/Rock Playlist: August (2011)
  • Avatar for Siouxlex
    cool daytrotter session. thanks
  • Avatar for Namey
    Album out on September 27th; Invitation!
  • Avatar for Zimskyy
    Saw you guys at SF Pop Fest! Come out to Atlanta!
  • Avatar for Atelierciseaux
    Melted Toys/ Dominant Legs split 7" out now on Atelier Ciseaux/ La Station Radar (limited to 300 copies)
  • Avatar for nuero
    i need another EP [3]
  • Avatar for Namey
    i need another EP [2]
  • Avatar for takoooy
    so pretty, everything about them.
  • Avatar for andi___
    i need another EP
  • Avatar for cheky
    Here's a new remix of Clawing out at the walls:
  • Avatar for ezears
    Amazing stuff.
  • Avatar for THEMARD
  • Avatar for kidmohair
    Clawing Out at the Walls reminds me of Devendra Banhart and Vetiver. Good song.
  • Avatar for lgdi
    upper 2000 listeners
  • Avatar for TheDevilsTuna
    Check out tonight's post on the Devil's blog featuring Dominant Legs
  • Avatar for Felipess
  • Avatar for creephiroshi
    unbelievable swag.
  • Avatar for Fickle_Friend
    So many great new acts like Summer Camp, Twin Shadow, Active Child, Wild Nothing, and these guys, and the list goes on are making amazing music. Keep it up and hopefully we're just beginning for more years as great as this one.
  • Avatar for AFatalCure
  • Avatar for MacLuck
    oohhh super coool!
  • Avatar for gypsyykid
    I want my physical copy... NOWWWWWWW! It's gooooood :)
  • Avatar for SIVES
  • Avatar for Groovemine
    GIRLS grow LEGS. Check out our review on Groovemine and Download FREE TRACK 'Clawing Out at the Walls':
  • Avatar for timothyzha
    shame there's only one new song on the EP
  • Avatar for JonnyRIDDLE
    Listened to this the other day and didn't think much of it. Giving it a second listen and loving it... Strange.
  • Avatar for AlternateRaiL
  • Avatar for henri-Q
    young at love and life is perfect, and I mean it.


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