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There are 8 Doms. A multimedia act, a multinational group from Germany, Poland and Hungary, an art rock group from Australia, and a Dubstep producer.

Dom is a quartet formed by a multi-national musical collective (with members from Germany, Poland and Hungary). Their unique album called “edge of time” was released in a relative discretion in1970. The music reaches the listener into a space, acoustic “trip” dominated by guitars and percussions. Introspect electric organs parts, bass “drones”, simplistic “weird” electronic effects are added to the mix in order to deliver an unforgettable psychedelic “voyage”. The concept of the album is based upon a bad “trip”, its consequences on mind and perception of time (introduced on the cover of the album and by the plaintive recitation of the title track). A group which has similarities with a few experimental krautrock recordings (notably a few curiosities released on the ohr label) but it put a large stress on acoustic, folk musical ideas. An avant garde, dreamy and poetic album that can easily convince every fan of the genre.

DOM (HOME) is an effect of the cooperation of SPASO with a singer NATALIA GROSIAK (Mikromusic, Digit All Love), a double base player JU-GHAN (Matplaneta) and Vj SPECTTRIBE (Meloopa). The album which is being made is based on the idea of using recorded sounds from the houses of people involved in the project, as a background for the music made by SPASO, NATALIA and JU-GHAN. The concept of the album is minimalistic, but the outcome can turn out being something completely unexpected since it’s an experiment and is still waiting for its final shape. The idea is to make DOM also a visual art project. Vj Spectribe is responsible for the scenic outcome of this idea. SPASO - leader and producer of the project, electronics, turntables NATALIA - vocal JU-GHAN - double base SPECTTRIBE - Vj

3) Dom is a mysterious Sydney, Australia, based art-rock/experimental pop music maker.

4) Dom is a Dubstep producer with releases out on Clandestine Cultivations and Faisty Records

5) Dom aka Dom McQue is a member of edinburgh based rock band Charybdis. Bassist and Songwriter.

6) Dom is an alias of Wolfgang Voigt

7) DOM is one of Domingo Alemán's aliases.

8) DOM is a three-piece indie pop group from Worcester, MA, previously known as FUR. Here is this DOM's Myspace. Released the single "jesus" in January 2010.

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