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  • Avatar for SamuraiSx
    for japanese band we can use tag ---> [artist]doa[/artist] ~ since lower case is official name, and to not mix ith other bands ~
  • Avatar for aoitori-
    RIDE ON [2]
  • Avatar for top20fanatico
    I don't knew this guys before,but I love the voice of the vocalist and theirs songs are pretty good,I'm looking foward to listen more of their songs ;)
  • Avatar for noiiy
    RIDE ON!!!
  • Avatar for benny1200
    smash the state
  • Avatar for flytheflag
    Amazing cover of all apologies
  • Avatar for tubasa-shaoran
    英雄 <3 otoko-nara-...
  • Avatar for HeijiHattori
    Eiyuu is AWESOME
  • Avatar for PokeBaal
    lol at the tags
  • Avatar for spideyjoe86
    There's two bands named D.O.A.; both of them are awesome too.
  • Avatar for MiMaKiNoMoTo
    Most recent one: And album rocks!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Hiraru-chan
    Canadian band: 心のリズム飛び散るバタフライ is a masterpiece ! <3 [2]
  • Avatar for Clad69-2
    Please let's change the profile picture ! Let's vote for [url=]this one[/url] !
  • Avatar for TRamp94
    I like them! ^^ Shinichiro Ohta was a member of the band BAAD ^^
  • Avatar for Clad69-2
    Their last single is awesome!
  • Avatar for Topfblumen
    Hey Last FM - dieser Song ist von den kanadischen D.O.A. !!!!! Bitte korrigieren!!!
  • Avatar for masaru_sato
    the Ultraman Nexus OP is amazing
  • Avatar for himajesty
    playbackkk deil bu gerçek seees! xDD
  • Avatar for GokKum
    DOA? :D where is Yallah?
  • Avatar for Clad69-2
    心のリズム飛び散るバタフライ is a masterpiece ! <3
  • Avatar for KANOMA
    doa <3
  • Avatar for KANOMA
    I like open_d most
  • Avatar for panzettau
    New album will be released soon!!! Yokatta!!! ^__^ Can't wait for it....\o/ (see [group]doa no HIGHWAY[/group] group for news,lyrics,talks about them, etc...)
  • Avatar for himajesty
    nolmuş buraya ya :D
  • Avatar for thegangsta123
  • Avatar for JessiMusashi
    If you think they sounds like Johnny's, you're listening to the wrong doa D:
  • Avatar for Tar-Ovat
    I'm sorry I listened their entire discography and yes, they sound johnny's.
  • Avatar for phillstac3
    Terminal City Ricochet is their top album? Apparently I'm not the only person who has confused by leaving out the periods in D.O.A. .
  • Avatar for MiMaKiNoMoTo
    The sound is too johnny's? WTF?! XD Go listen to more of their stuff and then you tell me.. XD Really-- don't judge an awesome band for a song/single, as this band can do lots of different kinds of songs.
  • Avatar for Tar-Ovat
    I was looking for this band since they're from giza. Just tried them, at first it was interesting but soon I realized that the sound was so "johnny's". It sucks.
  • Avatar for panzettau
    You can find many doa LYRICS on "doa no HIGHWAY" group, [url=]click here[/url]! ^^
  • Avatar for panzettau
    I've thought: "it's a shame that there aren't group dedicated to doa", so I've just opened one. It's named "doa no HIGHWAY",[url=]Check it out![/url]
  • Avatar for MiMaKiNoMoTo
    New single on the 16th! (next month) \o/ The preview of the a-side song is on the [url=]official site[/url], too. Or [url=]click here to listen![/url]
  • Avatar for harskaken
    turkish r'n'b? that's a long way from canadian hardcore. damn all you torrent making losers and your misspellings! damn you all to hell!
  • Avatar for jisux
    i need Garasu no Highway's lyrics :S :S :S :S does someone here knows where can i get them? :'(
  • Avatar for jisux
    Glass no Highway is beautiful!! :D:D:D
  • Avatar for jisux
    new single is coming!! :D
  • Avatar for MiMaKiNoMoTo
    btw, [url=]here[/url]'s the post asking for reseed, if anyone is interested.
  • Avatar for MiMaKiNoMoTo
    I wonder if anyone around here have seen [url=]this[/url].. I really want it! (and you probably would, too...) I'm currently posting to ask a reseed. For the second time. It's doa and it's rare! And I don't seem to find it anywhere else.. D:
  • Avatar for mikanseiriot
    lmao @ cal1br3tto
  • Avatar for uchihauryuu
    How the hell is Hi no Tori in 35th place? @_@ xD I mean, don't mind me.
  • Avatar for cal1br3tto
    ew, definitely re-tagging asap.
  • Avatar for Riou_Kakoon
    i love the candle album :3
  • Avatar for jisux
    thanks!! :D but i got it! but thanks
  • Avatar for MiMaKiNoMoTo
    what about JPopSuki? I can give you a http link if you want, though.
  • Avatar for jisux
    where can i download 3??!! :( it is nowhere
  • Avatar for MiMaKiNoMoTo
    lol, it's okay, I got it XD I guess it would be better if we talked through our own shotboxes... we'd spam doa's shoutbox too much. XD So, yeah... I'm glad you understood it! I'm going to post to your shoutbox now then. =)
  • Avatar for MiMaKiNoMoTo
    No XD Daiki is singing in open_d... and he also sings for 3. But Akihito sings as the main vocals for some songs in 3 too... you can notice that it's not the same voice in the whole album o.o
  • Avatar for MiMaKiNoMoTo
    isn't it Daiki as usual? But Akihito sings as the main singer there too...
  • Avatar for Korsrol
    [url=]Flight 2039[/url] have just been calculated as a similar artist – check ‘em out!


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