• Top 25 Of New Discovored Albums 3.1

    24 Oct 2012, 17:03 by VGKS


    Platz 25: Like A Paperplane - Light
    Italienisches Post-Rock Gespann. 4 Lieder sind auf der EP "Light" enthalten, bei dem sie mit Light, Now ein wirklichen Topsong präsentieren können. Bei den restlichen Liedern hat man jedoch das Gefühl, die Band sei noch auf der Suche nach sich selbst.

    Platz 24: Leto Sheils - toerave
    Chiptune-Musik eines Kanye West-ähnelndem Faultier, soweit man nach dem Profilbild geht. Die Musik an sich ist erfreulich melodisch und einfallsreich, allerdings auf keinen Fall mit irgendeiner Art von Struktur versehen. So bleibt auf "toerave" nicht mehr als zwei ca. 10 minütige Samples seiner Ideen, die verarbeitet als Songs sicherlich viel Potential hätten. Vorallem der Beginn von Side A macht Mut.

    Platz 23: I Spell It Nature - I Spell it Nature
    Erste EP des kanadischen Post-Rock Quartett. Im Gegensatz zum wirklich sehr beeindruckenden Album A Story Of... wirkt die S/T-EP an vielen Stellen noch sehr ungeschliffen. …
  • Discoveries (volume V)

    21 Nov 2009, 11:40 by boredmx

    Hi, you non-existent readers!

    I have some new - or not so new - music to share with you today on my fifth volume of Discoveries, or should I call it pseudo-re-discoveries this time. Anyway.

    1. The Fallen Host by Blueneck.

    This album caught my eye when they used the magic word post-rock in their self-definition album review, sort of. Overall, the album has a very artistic feel, Blueneck are trying to step beyond the boundaries of general rock and experimental music, and succeeds thoroughly - especially with their absolutely stunning track Low, which soon became "the best song I've found this week". It's breathtaking, the simplicity of the song is overthrown by pure emotion. You have got to hear that :-) The other songs are also really good, the album itself follows same melody line/scheme, which is ear-pleasing.

    2. oh, the artists Do Make Say Think and their The Other Truths.

    You know you're hearing some really artistic people colliding their musical thoughts and…
  • Cztery Struny Świata - ściągnij, przeczytaj i poleć znajomym!

    6 Sep 2009, 20:15 by LittleMo8MalaMo

    Po wielu latach, mękach itp., nareszcie - jest!

    [url=http://www.%20Struny%20Świata[/url nofollow=yes] nosz ja Wam dam spam nofollow! Przecież nie tylko muzykę kraść można w ten sposób, toż cholery jedne -_-

    sobie, drogie dzieci, w takim razie zróbcie zabawę w usuwanie spacji (:

    http://www.s e n d s p a c e.com/file/8a73py
    http://o dsiebie.com/pokaz/5387582---9c21.html
    http://ra pid sha re.com/files/277446689/Cztery_Struny___wiata__widok_-_wy__wietl_strony_-_dwie_strony_-_poka___ok__adkae__.pdf.html
    http://www.spee dys hare.com/999546848.html

    Przedstawiam Wam magazyn muzyczny, enjoy.
    Polecany widok napisany w nazwie, że powtórzę - dwie strony + pokaż okładkę w widoku dwie strony; nieobecność rozkładówek z prawdziwego zdarzenia zawdzięczamy InDesignowi po hiszpańsku (ładny język ale ja niestety nie znam).

    Niedociągnięcia są zapewne liczne (to pierwszy! ;), proszę je wybaczyć, ale i poinformować, bo autor mógł przesz nie zauważyć, a zawsze lepiej wiedzieć na przyszłość.
  • Top 50 survey

    30 Jun 2009, 00:51 by abenevolentevil

    My TOP50 bands survey;
    Bands taken according to my charts at June 29. 2009.

    1) Describe the band number 15 using one sentence with three words.
    The Police; well, brooding, hip and awesome

    2) If you someday stop listening number 5, why would that most likely happen?
    Stop listening to David Bowie? Pfft.

    3) What song from 37 could make you cry?
    I have a few artist who are a tie for 36, so I'd pick Against All Odds to round it out

    4) If you could change any member in band 25 to somebody else, who would you change and why?
    Its Michael Jackson and I wouldn't change a GD thing.

    5) What makes 1 first?
    Its Radiohead...nuff said.

    6) Is there any song by 46 that you skip every time?
    Dont have a 46 but if so I always skip Look Away by Chicago

    7) What part of lyrics from band 30 would you write to the end of loveletter?
    I...dont know

    8) What song from 47 do you listen when you’re sad?
    Summer Skin by Death Cab for Cutie...it reminds me of one of those summers I fell in love..and got dumped.
  • Tracks played: 25000

    8 Apr 2008, 00:25 by _vinko_

    Do Make Say Think: The Universe!. tako i priliči ovakvoj svečanoj prigodi.
  • 2007, Going out in STYLE(s): Post-rock/Post-metal

    18 Jan 2008, 02:02 by magnumforce2006

    7. Irepress - The Samus Octology
    Why? Though I've heard this called full on "post-metal" and being compared to Isis, it feels more or less like a standard post-rock album with a few flourishes of heaviness. That's not to say the band is cookie cutter, either, as those bits of heaviness in addition to some interesting clean-jazz inspired breaks make the album an entertaining and not entirely cliche'd listen.

    6. *shels - Sea Of The Dying Dhow
    Why? I realized when writing this blurb that I have no idea what a "Dhow" even is, and according to Dictionary.com it is "any of various types of sailing vessels used by Arabs on the east African, Arabian, and Indian coasts, generally lateen-rigged on two or three masts."

    I suppose then, this title could be meant to somehow give the image of a sailing ship at sea…
  • Top 10 Albums of 2007

    6 Jan 2008, 04:01 by nerves_of_tin

    Daniel Menche
    Bleeding Heavens
    (Blossoming Noise)

    Long-winded noise / drone. Minimal, dark, entrancing. The gradually rising pitch in "T1" makes my skin crawl, it's so unsettling. After that it mellows out and plays subtle variation of oscillating, scratchy tones. I don't find an album like this to be easy to listen to often, or to get through all in one sitting, although I think that's really the only way to listen to it.

    (Southern Lord)
    Standout track(s): Ouroboros Is Broken

    Not exactly new material, but this version of "Ouroboros Is Broken" is well worth the price of admission. Earth hasn't sounded like metal for a while, but they're still doom through and through. Such pervasively ominous, foreboding soundscapes using minimalism to masterful effect. It's heavy like the sky is heavy. …
  • 2007 in Music: Part I

    26 Dec 2007, 12:47 by y2penni

    S O N G S

    Ok, i'll begin with the 100 tracks that got me through 2007. It varies from tracks I only just heard that are worthy of being mentioned, to some guilty pleasure pop songs, to tracks that were personal to me, then to some simply great tracks that would be down on anyone's list. My top ten is a blend of the above.

    A few notes; I was imagining Nude to be a disaster, but who was I kidding, of course Radiohead could pull it off. Some tracks have albums from 2006 but were released over here in 2007 like The Hold Steady and Beach House...etc. I couldn't choose a favourite Beirut song off his new album, so i'm gonna say that Cherbourg respresents The Flying Club Cup respectively. Also, music is craving for the return of disco!

    “If there’s one thing I can never confess
    Is that I can’t dance a single step”

    100) If You're Into It
    99) Murder In Michigan
    98) Milano Model
    97) Reckoner
    96) Parachute
    95) For Reverend Green
    94) No I in Threesome
    93) Grace Kelly
  • Best 50 Songs of 2007

    17 Dec 2007, 11:33 by disastercasper


    As 2007 is drawing to an end the “best of 2007-lists” are starting overflowing last.fm. This year, I have chosen to join the hype. However, instead of naming the year’s best albums I have made a list of the best songs.

    2007 has been a year of amazing discoveries for me. In 2006 I discovered a crazy little thing called and this year I have further refined and extended my taste within this amazing genre. It has been a great post-rock year with a lot of good releases by both the bigger names and the more underground bands.

    This year I have also discovered the genre. While 2007 has been my year of probing the post-rock spectrum, 2008 will probably see a lot of new sludge albums into my music collection. And although my favourite sludge bands Isis, Cult of Luna and Mouth of the Architect didn’t release anything this year, this was compensated by a lot of other, smaller bands. The new Minsk release alone made 2007 a great year for sludge, everything else has been a nice extra.