• The Late 20th Century Project (Complete)

    8 Apr 2007, 19:58 by Semutahed

    Reprinted from another of my sites, and edited.

    In the spring of 2004, i stumbled onto an idea i think was one of my greatest ideas for a musical mix. It was built on an idea, as most grand ideas are, from something that had been building in my head for some time. I am fairly certain that it revolves around the song by Boards of Canada: 1969. I started thinking about songs named after years. I wondered if there was a song named for every year. It seemed far-fetched when i started. There are a multitude of songs out there granted, but were there enough artists out there impressed with one or any given number of random years to have named their song after it?
    Some seemed obvious: 1999, 1984, 1969. But what about 1962 or 1987. What could be so great about those years that a song is worthy of being named by it. So i started my search. I had stringent rules. Mainly, the song had to have the year in the title (though not necessarily, mentioned in the song, as mostly i am into songs without words anyway). …