• Dntel

    9 Feb 2006, 13:22 by Raura

    I've listened to Death Cab and Dntel these days. I like Dntel more ;p So I'd like to talk about him in this post.

    Early Works for Me if it Works for You and Something Always Goes Wrong sounds quite cold and mysterious to me. There's no doubt the former two are great, but the warmth in Life Is Full of Possibilities is more attractive and colourful, especailly those tracks which had voice part in them. :)

    I love (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan, Anywhere Anyone, Umbrella, and etc.
  • A pretty mess by this one band

    8 Nov 2005, 15:27 by lbf

    I've always been an adept of listening to music that doesn't really match what I'm doing when I'm doing it, as a way to prove to myself that I can separate my state of mind from my current activity. It's proved to be important ever since I started working, and also notably in my increasingly long and frequent journeys in public transportation. The comforting whispers of Alfie, or disquieting howls of Bloc Party, help me go through half-hours and hours of smelling other people's hair from a very close distance. Antisocial? Guilty as charged.
    I think I'll bring up a small semantics point: I like the idea of "public transportation" better than "transports en commun", which is the French term. I'm juxtaposed with everyone else, but I'm not sharing. That's also why I get annoyed at people on the metro: I keep to myself, but I try my hardest to have the smallest footprint on the system. People hugging the bars, sitting when they should be standing, blocking the exits or disregardig escalator etiquette annoy me. …