• solipsistic NATION No. 182: EshOne

    26 Feb 2010, 03:40 by solipsisticast

    It's been a long week for me here at solipsistic NATION. Last weekend I got hit with some sort of bug that had me bedridden for a couple of days. I've spent the rest of this week digging myself out from under a pile of work that accumulated while I was down. Recording the voice overs for today's show while sick was not a lot of fun either.

    But you don't need to know about all that.

    Despite being sick I still have a great show for you! Today's show features a mix from our guest DJ, EshOne.

    EshOne is a musicians and an impresario and runs the San Diego Dubstep website. EshOne is also affiliated with San Diego's Brokenbeat.

    I talk to people from all over the world on solipsistic NATION but we all need to support our local music scenes so I'm very pleased to have fellow San Diegan EshOne on today's show. I'll make my way to the next San Diego Dubstep show as soon as I'm over this damn cold.

  • Please, Lend Me Your Ears

    6 Jun 2008, 00:05 by MurkyGlow

    This is an invitation to any interested or curious persons (who may like goth, belly dance, electronic, or tribal fusion experiments) to listen to my music.
    I want to attract listeners to help establish a list of artists that may be similar, and also possibly get some feedback/comments and tagging going on.

    I have spent most of my adult life doing visual art, but last year I realized I could no longer keep from working with sound and trying to make music.
    Since then I’ve self-released four albums under the name ashin.

    The first, Storm-Drain, is kind of atmospheric, almost ambient in places, and also full of weird beats, radio static, strange electronic noises, and record sample/scratches. I really don’t know what to compare this to. Parts are funky, jagged, droning. I was interested in both electronic tribal-like rhythms as well as spacey atmospherics, and trying to capture the feeling of a sonic journey and the idea of “Archaic Futurism. …
  • This Week's On-Sales from the Knitting Factory

    5 Jun 2007, 21:12 by TheKnitLA

    Monday, June 18th
    The Dark Ages Italian Invasion Tour ’07 with SinCircus (Italy), Trick Or Treat (Italy), In Ending, Djinn
    7:30 PM, $10 in advance, $12 day of show
    If you like your metal with a load of meatballs piled on, this one’s for you. Trick or Treat began as a full-fledged tribute band to German metalists Helloween. In 2004, as Trick or Treat, they recorded Like Donald Duck, a collection of so-called ‘happy metal,’ which webzines such as sited as “best power demo” of the year. Trick or Treat will be bringing with them fellow Italian metal merchants Sincircus.

    Tuesday, June 19th
    Tyler Hilton, Amy Kuney
    7:30 PM, $12 advance, $14 day of show
    It's been an extraordinary year for singer, songwriter and fledging actor Tyler Hilton, one of those meteoric rises that is the stuff of entertainment legend. Happily, in the case of this diversely gifted 21-year old Palm Springs, California native, there is an abundance of pure talent and unique ability to back up any and all claims of a genuine star-in-the-making. …
  • Weto im Hirschen (21.3.07)

    26 Mar 2007, 20:43 by UigarKai

    Wed 21 Mar – weto

    WETO - Nürnberg/Hirsch - 21.03.07

    Erst einmal mussten wir eine Stunde totschlagen, da es eben nicht (wie angekündigt) um Neun Uhr begann, sondern erst um Zehn begann.
    Vorher spielten Djinn als Vorband, und wenn alles richtig eingestellt gewesen wäre, wären die mit Sicherheit sehr gut gewesen. Leider war es das eben nicht: Die Bässe waren zu stark, es war sehr schrill und den Sänger verstand man nur selten. Aber alles in allem hab ich auch schon schlechtere Bands gesehen.
    Um Viertel vor Zehn waren Djinn dann fertig und bauten ihr Zeug ab.

    Eine Viertelstunde später durchzog dann das Geräusch eines Herzschlagmessers den Hirschen, Weto erschienen auf der Bühne und legten gleich mit Koma los.
    Ich denke, es ist Sinnlos, jetzt die ganze Setlist genau aufzuzählen, ich weiß sie eh nicht mehr hunderprozentig.

    Es waren einige Stücke vom Album dabei, wobei hier vor allem die überzeugten, die auf dem 2weiten Ich die nicht soo dollen waren (etwa 'Wolfsherz', 'Wieder Allein' oder 'Koma')…