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Imagine taking a 13 year old kid and teaching him how to mix hip-hop and house tracks. Let him swim in the aural soundscapes of trance and techno. Teach him the “lost” art of beat-matching and battle scratching. Show him how to transition into the harsh sounds of industrial and noise. And finally, indulge his desire to bounce bounce with hardstyle and hardcore.

Imagine…just what kind of mind-altering insanity he can release when the fusion of spinning, mixing, and genre transitions suddenly enters your ear canals and poisons your mind with the desire to move your feet uncontrollably.

Hailing from the “Chilltown” known to many as Jersey City, NJ, now at 26 years old, he is a jack of all trades and a master of the fine art of killing his dance floor with sheer exhausting rhymic sounds, 5witcH(real name Jaison Reno Abrego-Switchblade) makes it a point to figure out just what the crowd wants, and makes sure they overdose on it. Not content till he’s driven his dance floor into the ground with exhaustion, 5witcH has been making himself known since the ranks of the Asylum Guild inmates terrorized NYC in the industrial scene. A loaded revolver just waiting to pop off a few rounds into whatever kind of music his crowd may want to hear. Known as “the iPod with a Pulse”, 5witcH can easily fit in with any scene and make a crowd move.

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