• Aggressive music

    10 Feb 2008, 09:32 by liago0sh

    I like listening to some aggressive music from time to time and I have always been thinking that heavy music should be aggressive. If you wanted something melodic, why would you listen to metal?

    It doesn't mean that I like any aggressive music. I have several criteria for evaluating this kind of songs.

    The most important parts are guitar/bass/synth riffs and vocals. These two have the same highest priority.

    The riffs create the base rhythmical texture of the song and should be sophisticated enough to make the music interesting and groovy (Fear, Stupify, Damage Inc., Bodies, Meet the Creeper). Also there should not be too much solo guitar, maybe some short funky fragments to vary the main texture.

    The vocals should sound solid and aggressive (James Hetfield, David Draiman, Rob Zombie, Dexter Holland, Chris Cornell) but singers should not use any of these freaky techniques like growling or screaming too much. Rapping is OK though (Zack De La Rocha). …
  • Me new

    30 Mar 2006, 01:37 by forsaken1

    yo people i'm an obsesed disturbed fan and they're my all time fav. band.i also have the most @#$%ed up life ever and dont say yours is more than mine cuz it iznt. Fear