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  • Avatar for kitchen_knife
  • Avatar for Anastaxia_Xylf
    New record in the works! > Omg, didn't expect it although I have seen reunion news on youtube
  • Avatar for MotelBird
    Punishment Room is my favorite Albini produced album.
  • Avatar for Supercoolguy64
    "New record in the works!" HOLY SHIT WHAT
  • Avatar for gojirataskforce
    New record in the works!
  • Avatar for NeonAbstraction
  • Avatar for Anastaxia_Xylf
    Intense sound and very underrated band :(
  • Avatar for chciplyblesk1
    intensive, interesting ... awesome!
  • Avatar for Lok-DoK
    какой у них звук вкусный. омомом
  • Avatar for NeonAbstraction
    Such a unique style. One of the best post-hardcore bands ever.
  • Avatar for stian86
    We can stay sober and listen to Distorted Pony.
  • Avatar for naturalway
    its pretty underrated and im okay with that
  • Avatar for Sodominion
    Instant Winner is an instant winner.
  • Avatar for Monty__
    So is Instant Winner. Great stuff!
  • Avatar for stian86
    Wow, Punishment Room is awesome.
  • Avatar for meowwoofarf
  • Avatar for robbodagreat
    to me they sound like tar... but tar aren't anywhere to be seen in the similar artists, so either me or the internet is wrong
  • Avatar for ChriSThaaRippeR
    Кажется я их люблю.
  • Avatar for nilzzzberghman
  • Avatar for tenrapid
    wow, this is superb! and yeah, great basslines.
  • Avatar for magistar
    what a great sound!
  • Avatar for ninjablaster
    this is awesome! especially the basslines.
  • Avatar for timothybarnes
    So sick
  • Avatar for katapultasonica
  • Avatar for IHeartNoise
    So underrated...damn.
  • Avatar for ChriSThaaRippeR
    genius band
  • Avatar for flagtornapart
    surprisingly good and sort of fresh for that wave
  • Avatar for Quibble_88
    I agree. But that's irrelevant, I can honestly say that I have had maybe one conversation about 'noise rock' with anyone that wasn't on the internet, music is a completely self indulgent thing (for me anyway). Admittedly I got into it in the last couple of years, which was possibly due to its increased exposure but definitely not its popularity.
  • Avatar for Jimsonisolation
    Oh come on, noise rock is en vogue and you know it.
  • Avatar for Quibble_88
    yeah man, like, distorted pony are so cool right now..... well done, you've listened to the same music for a long time, i admire your longevity.
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    seems shout(s) got deleted once more. i'm replying into thin air again
  • Avatar for adamcooleyisdea
    great band, followed a similiar career as the band BASTRO
  • Avatar for Smirnon
    an alright cover of a great track isn't worth checking
  • Avatar for Jimsonisolation
    Noise rock wasn't popular, that's why.
  • Avatar for Quibble_88
    i swear this band weren't this great the last time i listened to them.
  • Avatar for Salt_The_Fries
    The Punishment Room is an instant winner.
  • Avatar for ShadowolfIncubi
    That Punishment Room album is intense <3
  • Avatar for Salt_The_Fries
    More people should listen to them.
  • Avatar for bruno__________
    yay! instant winner is now streamable =)
  • Avatar for florianmarzano
    Great !
  • Avatar for fffandoooom
    a great band. A Fine View From The Temple blows me away.
  • Avatar for theodorejackson
    It looks as if the reunion shows will happen...and Europe is almost a let us know if you have any places for us to play!
  • Avatar for Vomitdollz
  • Avatar for bruno__________
    man, i'll go anywhere to see this band
  • Avatar for lukkiel
    or even Europe :P
  • Avatar for lukkiel
    That's cool! But they won't propably visit Poland :P
  • Avatar for lukkiel 8788603?ref=mf
  • Avatar for bruno__________
    distorted pony is considering doing a reunion tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band. FUCK YEAH.
  • Avatar for QUAILMAN99
    @A_Fatal_Pengwyn: Haha, I was actually thinking the same exact thing when I listened to them! Weird. They also kind of sound like HEALTH at times.
  • Avatar for fallingdowndown
    Each time i listen to HOD reality blows away


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