• Devourment, Malignancy + others @ Police Athletic League in Fall River, MA

    17 Aug 2008, 21:33 by Worm-Infested

    Sat 16 Aug – Underground Texas Brutality in Mass

    Parking was tough to find at first. Every street was a one way. It seemed like the show would be poorly attended. However, when my buddy Dan and I got there we hung out with Malignancy's drummer Mike for a while, got some food to eat and eventually went in to check out Devourment merch and hang out until the show started.

    People eventually began coming in droves and it ended up being pretty decently attended for a small show at a police gymnasium style place. Goreality opened the show. Their debut was completely unimpressive brutal death to me; it had slams, but not good enough ones, and never in good places. The vocals were also really boring and one-dimensional. Live, they were better (and their guitarist looks exactly like fucking Dimebag!) to my ears so that was good. The vocalist was still weak and didn't have too much of a presence. Regardless, they put in a solid set so it worked overall.

  • Seen live

    15 Feb 2008, 20:20 by heavyraptor

    Z7 = Z7, Pratteln
    BT = Bikini Test, La Chaux-de-Fonds
    MST = Meh Suff (Tommasini, Lenzburg)
    WOA = Wacken Open Air
    GRA = Graffiti (HeadbangersBall), Bern
    RC = Rock City, Uster
    TL = Transilvania Live, Erstfeld
    SD14 = SoundDock 14, Dietikon
    Z7MD09 = Z7 MetalDayz 09
    MF10 = Metalfest 2010, Z7
    BB = Bad Bonn, Düdingen
    MOD09 = Mountains of Death 2009
    MOD10 = Mountains of Death 2010
    MOD11 = Mountains of Death 2011
    MSMF09 = Meh Suff Metal Festival 2009 (Hüttikerberg)
    MSMF11 = Meh Suff Metal Festival 2011 (Hüttikerberg)
    ISC = ISC Club, Bern
    KW118 = Kulturwerk118, Sursee
    GK = Gaskessel, Bern
    DYN = Dynamo, Zürich
    KM = Kofmehl, Solothurn
    DFOA10 = Death Feast Open Air 2010
    MAGV = Metal Assault 2010, Grand-Vennes, Lausanne
    MAGV11 = Metal Assault 2011, Grand-Vennes, Lausanne
    HDX = Hellvetia Day X
    LDL = Les Docks, Lausanne
    TDF11 = Tattoo Death Fest 2011, Milan, Italy
    GWW = Gaswerk, Winterthur

    MetalOrgy goes XMas VOL.2 (Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland)