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  • IamChaoz

    Awesome album art. So dark and mysterious.

    February 2014
  • StrangePooP

    Such a dark album. Definetely one of the best dubstep artists out there.

    September 2012
  • BaconCopter

    Beyond incredible. Punching mid-range bass shitstep in the dick.

    August 2012
  • boehj

    phat sounds

    March 2011
  • tape_rewinder

    This album has balls

    February 2011
  • acid_sound

    Me too, tell us the secret!

    November 2010
  • szpeti16

    which one is the first i wanna know

    November 2010
  • Timppa2000

    Brilliant, second best dubstep album.

    October 2010
  • ceQ_bop

    fucking ace album. love it. love it forever, this never dies.

    March 2010
  • netrunner_20

    "Delight" - simply amaizing...

    April 2009
  • darkgnome

    great album

    April 2009
  • optimistic_tour

    damn. i love the obscure, random, pleasant-surprise samples throughout this album. the Dark City ones really surprised me in fact.

    April 2009
  • thepoisoner

    hot as my bollocks

    January 2009
  • isolationtheory

    Very nice album indeed.

    October 2008
  • ragsnotriches

    Lately I'm finding that this album + William Gibson is full of win.

    September 2008