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  • Stands equal alongside the other albums, in my book. Dissection were always melodic black metal as opposed to a "pure" old school black metal band anyway - where the first two albums are more black metal than melodic death, Reinkaos is more melodic death than black. Two sides of the same coin.
  • Fucking brilliant record 🔥
  • Very good album. I really didn't like it at all when I first heard it, but after the years it really grow on me.
  • Good, but this is not black metal
  • "Any suggestions on good melodic death metal bands? I mean, similar to this album." In Flames album The Jester Race is musically 100% the same, apart for the lyrics.
  • <3
  • lol no
  • And the words 'dark mother' and 'chaos' get on my fucking nerves. Fuck Reinkaos, hail Somberlain and Storm of the Light's Bane.
  • It's not offensively bad (see: Unspoken King) but it is really fucking boring. Completely toothless and tame, no fire whatsoever. It seems like the only passionate parts of this are the lyrics. [2] Trying it again, but once again I am disappointed. Like quoted above, toothless and tame.
  • honestly, this was my life when I was around 18

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