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Disneyland is a group from Australia that appeared on some Terse Tapes compilations like One Stop Shopping (tape 1).

If you are not listening to that artist please do yourself and a favour and fix your tags. The easiest way is to use MusicBrainz Picard. You might for instance refer to Disneyland After Dark, see D-A-D.

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  • Avatar for nichtsein000
    @Stichey I have actually. I agree that ideally would separate the two, but I like how the guy from the "real" Disneyland says "pineapple."
  • Avatar for Stichey
    Just checking to see if ANYONE has recently listened to the band listed for "Disneyland" that is supposedly more important than fans of the theme park's music connecting. And, like always, NO ONE IS LISTENING to that band, but thank heavens that Last FM's clean stats are more important than the people using the service to connect and share their love of music. Hopefully one day an actual picture of Disneyland can be allowed to replace this woefully obscure band that is never played.
  • Avatar for Stichey
    I listed this on the Walt Disney World page, but it still seems appropriate for the Disneyland page (despite the obscure band listed that NEVER seems to have songs scrobbled for them). So, here goes: Why is it that the statistical integrity of Last FM is more important than the community? It seemed as if Last FM was going to stop most of the draconian hassles around Disney music (lame pictures, constant encouragement to use sources that often don't well provide artist info, etc.) in order to stop dissuading people from tagging it in the manner that feels the most appropriate to them, but it doesn't seem like anything has changed in the last year. It would be really nice - especially in terms of Disney music - if Last FM could switch its focus onto what's best for the user base and not what's best for the stats being accrued.
  • Avatar for oldfolkshome
  • Avatar for Stichey
    Thanks for reposting my comment, Scrubbles! If you're interested, "Maddieman" of LastFM said that there is hope on the way when replied to my feedback posted last year within this forum thread: Hopefully this gets cleaned up soon as I find that I now RARELY PLAY Disneyland tracks since they are being scored for this band and not really connecting me to others that adore the park music as much as I do!
  • Avatar for scrubbles
    As someone that LOVES Last FM, it is brutal that no solution has been provided for how to tag Disneyland park soundtracks without all of the lame pictures and accusations of bad tags (and suggesting Music Brainz is worthless as most Disneyland sountrack albums have UNKNOWN in the title which seems to do little to "keep tags clean." And now, instead of having a connection to all of the other park music enthusiasts, we're all forced to create our own tags which seems like it will only make things worse instead of better. [3]
  • Avatar for oldfolkshome
    And what about tracks that are essentially field recordings of attraction ride-throughs? VARIOUS ARTISTS? ANONYMOUS? I don't think so.
  • Avatar for Stichey
    In fact, if Last Fm can auto-correct track names, why can't they auto-correct this tag for people? You would think that it would be SIMPLE to know when a Disneyland park track is being played instead of what, I would expect, is the VERY LIMITED song list for the band referenced above.
  • Avatar for Stichey
    And that's a great point too - who determines what's wrong with certain tags and why don't they work with the individuals towards a good solution instead of something like this situation where it's only going to get worse because now people will be inventing tags, since it is near impossible to get Artist info for most of these theme park track, to use in order to match other enthusiasts? It would be nice if whomever keeps deleting the Disneyland photo file could actually work with us towards a solution.
  • Avatar for oldfolkshome
    But of course. The moderation on this page has been bugging me for quite some time now.

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