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There are several bands called as DISLIKE:

1. Dislike is a band from Pozega, Croatia. Dislike was formed in 1997. by Dena & Kukatz with the aim of playing classic dis beats in the vein of Doom, Discharge, Hiatus… Soon, Smole and Gera joined the band, and they recorded their first demo in 1998. that was released as a split tape with Czech / band Mrtva Buducnost. It was called "Hell Is Here". A few years later another demo is realeased called "Crust Is Dead" featuring 3 more bands from their area(Starvation, Fight Back and Apatridi). In the following years Kukatz left and the band changed their sound a bit. In early 2006. Dislike released "Ctrl". On "Ctrl" more influences from metal and can be heard.
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2. Dislike is a noisy Japanese punk band, similar to early Disorder. They released a cassette on Crust War Records, titled "Noise EP", and a 7" on Pogo 77, titled "Shock EP".

3. Dislike\DIS is a Russian \ band from Ufa. Dislike was formed in august 2005
Played lots of concerts in Ufa and other cities.
Recorded 14 demo-songs including Underoath's "A boy brushed red.." cover.
Karina is currently residing in Illinois, USA and guys are working on new songs back in Ufa, Russia.
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