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The band “Disarticulating Exguishment” was created on the October, 2001 in Moscow and Murmansk. At the beginning, the group was consisting out of Kirill Issakov (vocal) and Vladislav Melnik (guitar). It quickly won over the Russian audience with its unique play of the brutal death metal. Now, the band becomes more and more popular and gathers many fans all the way over the Europe and USA.
The first demo track “Indurate Laceration” was created at the end of October, 2001. At this time, another great guitarist, Anton Karavaev (Murmanks) joined the band. Shortly after the recording the song, it appeared as a most favorite pick of listeners on the two of Internet Music website lists, "Blasting Turbulence Сompilation" and "Brutal Search Engine vol.1 ".
In November, 2009 Vladislav Melnik was called to serve on the military basis. In June, 2010 Anton Karavaev went to serve in the military as well. The band was not active for one year. Soon, in November 2010, Vladislav came back from the forces with a variety of new ideas. Greatly inspired from what he went through, Vlad begun to work on the objective of the first mini-album. The text of all seven songs was prepared only between two and three weeks. Also, a new vocalist from Saint-Petersburg, Nika Clitoridectomy was bonded with the band.
In December, 2010 Vlad went to visit his relatives in Kiev, Ukraine where he met with the members of local band "Ezophagothomia". Shortly after the meeting, Ezophagothomia’s drummer, Lev Kurganskiy, proposed to record for the “Disarticulating Exguishment” a real sound of drums instead of drums’ samples. Thus, a new member joined “Disarticulating Exguishment”. The music with real drums was recorded on January 2011, in the music studio “Metal Works Division”. For that, we would like to thank Vyatcheslav Shinkarenko who helped greatly our band. In March 2011, mini-album “Psalms of Wrath” is fully completed and waiting for its further destiny.

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