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  • bonjovyborges

    one of the bests in the album....

    April 2013
  • Joe9mm

    Thought I was listening to Soilwork when it came on...

    January 2013
  • Utagai_Kyo

    припев просто ахренителен!

    December 2012
  • moonkissedsun

    This song fills me with energy everytime I hear it

    December 2012
  • Banets

    well alright...

    November 2012
  • Shyft-

    Best DM song imo, glad it played for me right now and renewed my faith in this band

    August 2012
  • Zetsubou

    this is nowhere fucking near Raunchy i can tell you again thats a fucking insult for DM to be compared with Raunchy dont even think about doin that again.

    March 2012
  • LordBeckon

    These guys have such an explosive sound. Love how they just come on scene and pretty much rape everything. Me likey.

    February 2012
  • sonejkee

    I liked

    January 2012
  • makethemdieslow

    Bit of a counterpoint to some Raunchy songs, with hard lyrics and a pop feel.

    October 2011
  • telesic444

    this dudes voice is the shit

    September 2011
  • Iconoclast91

    This has nothing to do with pop medal... :facepalm:

    June 2011
  • GraveReaper

    cool stuff

    June 2011
  • FabricaDelMiedo

    geil geil und nochens geil !!!

    May 2011
  • EquusStorm

    I love the lyrics to the chorus on this track. It's actually very touching... well, it -would- be if I were a pansy haha. But such an excellent song, one of my all-time favourites.

    January 2011
  • Pushmajster

    Its like pop metal... "I'm calling your name in the darkness..." So gayish, love to sing it :D

    January 2011
  • arson714

    Pretty good stuff.

    December 2010
  • Iconoclast91

    I'm calling you name in the darkness waiting and you're so near...

    June 2010
  • Venomus244

    drakedog 9 ftw

    May 2010
  • skatenotwar

    Rock and roll...

    March 2010
  • lengtian1991


    March 2010
  • Zach216

    Does not sound like him and it's Ettorre... listen in headphones

    March 2010
  • B_Hammock

    This song is absolutely insane

    February 2010
  • niQboy

    Fuck me sideways if that's not Björn on backing vocals, sounds just like him.

    January 2010
  • JoeyWRC

    I'm calling you name in the darkness waiting and you're so near...

    December 2009
  • PorcupineTrains

    Reminds me of Soilwork, except even more uber.

    December 2009
  • Worm-Infested

    who's singing?

    November 2009
  • Darkshade-

    Great song!

    November 2009
  • nonsse

    Really great song, now looking forward to the new album even more

    November 2009
  • mar-ius

    cool! looking forward to the album

    November 2009
  • melvinkooi

    @Deluxo, updated it.

    November 2009
  • Deluxolol

    Get a beter youtube version, this one sucks balls

    November 2009
  • 6sic6

    generic sound

    November 2009
  • MetRONom666


    November 2009
  • -Lancman-


    November 2009
  • Xelias11

    Refreshing, Melodic, Fantastic!

    November 2009

    Great work!

    October 2009
  • melvinkooi

    Awsome ^^.

    October 2009