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There is more than one band that goes by the name Disarm, the two most prominent being a Swedish Hardcore/Punk band and a sleaze band from the UK.

1) The Swedish Disarm was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden in the early eighties. They started under the name Total Armsvett but changed their name to Disarm under the recording of their first ep Regerings Stödda Mord. They played both in Sweden and in Finland with contemporary bands like Kaaos, Anti Cimex and Mob 47 to name a few. The band made two official ep´s "Regerings Stödda Mord" and "Dömd" and also appeared on the compilation "Really Fast 3." In the later 80's, the band recorded a lot of (as of yet) unreleased material, planned to be included on a Complete Discography on Hardcore Holocaust records in the near future.

Band Websites: http://www.disarm.web.surftown.se
visit: www.myspace.com/disarmsweden

Members were:
Esa: Bass (RIP)
Manne: Drums
Hönsa: Vocals
Charlie: Guitar
Ceder: Guitar


2) The UK Disarm (whose music can be heard on this Last.FM page) burst out of the small back waters town of Mexborough in 2005 and have been virtually constantly on the road around the UK, honing down their infectious, ‘punk metal ‘n’ roll’ sound ever since.Disarm’s disparate influences have merged to forge their own punky, powerhouse sound, mixing elements of rock and metal from across the musical spectrum.
Taken from Disarm.info

Brad - Lead vocals/rhythm guitar
Jamie - Lead guitar/backing vocals
Noddy - Bass/backing vocals
Ant - Drums


3) Disarm are also a Brazilian crust punk/death metal band who are most known for their 2010 album "Realidade Har Ingen Gresner", a split release with Norwegain act Sound Your Alarm.


4) Disarm are also a Ukrainian thrash metal band that was formed in 1995.

Band website: http://vk.com/disarm_lviv


5) It also worth mentioning that there were other bands before either of these two who used the name Disarm, there are more than one band currently using the name including the UK Disarm. More information on any other bands using the name should be entered below.

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