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There are 6 bands called DIS existing, the Milwaukee trio who pre-dated the other dis-themed bands, the Japanese independent Visual Kei band, the Bulgarian hip hop duo and the maybe more known 2 metal bands. Also a DIS in the UK (Dragged Into Sunlight) Black Metal/progressive blackened thrash/doom band.

1. The Bulgarian DiS was formed in 2007 by rappers DenYo & Sensei. They're expected to drop their debut album in early 2008.

2. Milwaukee's Dis began in 1992 and continued to make math rock til 1996. They released the album Small Fry Session 1&2 (in 1992) and M 386 .D57 1994 (in 1994).
The band blew up in the studio during the sessions for "The Historically Troubled Third Album" making that record's title very appropriate.

3. The japanese VisualKei band was formed in summer 2006 and had the first live at TakadanobabaAREA where their first CD was distributed. The band consits of vocal 幻希(genki), first guitarist 躯(mukuro), second guitarist 百(momo) and drummer 鈴音(suzune). For more information please visit their official HOMEPAGE

4. Dis is a Dutch progressive Metal band from Utrecht. The music of the band can be described as progressive, symphonic metal with a characteristic violin sound. Because of a broad musical interest in the group, Dis often experiments with elements from different styles of music.Dis was founded in early 2000 by brothers Ben (violin, vocals) and Daniël Mathot (guitar). After a year of collaborating with several musicians the perfect drummer is found in Remco Menting in March 2001. His bass-playing brother Roel joins in September that year but decides to leave in October 2003. Tim Numan takes his place in 2004.

5. DiS is a hip-hop side project of the Japanese alternative idol group BiS.

6.DIS from USA is one-man band by Aaron Schilling. The music can be described as high-speed progressive black/death metal. More info here.

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