• Goodbye, 2008.

    31 Dec 2008, 13:36 by hanamiyaka

    Today's the last day of the year I turned 20 years old.
    The year I finally surrendered and got myself a Lastfm account
    The year my musical experience literally EXPLODED.

    During 2008...
    I saw the following bands in concert (cant remember if i saw anymore):
    -Dirty Pretty Things (June and November)
    -Molotov Jive (June and November)
    -Mando Diao (June)
    -Johnossi (June)
    -Buzzcocks (May)
    -Sexbomba (May)
    -Po Prostu (May)
    -The Damrockers (May)
    -Muariolanza (April)

    The best gig? Obviously Dirty Pretty Things on November 16 in Stockholm's Debaser-Medis. OF COURSE!<3

    I bought the following CDs...
    -Romance At Short Notice
    -Shotter's Nation

    Romance At Short Notice was the best out of these three. I should get better at buying more CDs, definitely!

    Favorite band of the year? Well, The Libertines, of course. But they ceased to exist in 2004.

    Best bands of the year?
    -Dirty Pretty Things
    -The Killers
    -Panic at the Disco

    Biggest disappointment?
  • Dirty Pretty Things - The Last Hoorah and goodbye

    20 Dec 2008, 20:36 by hanamiyaka

    So today is supposedly the day that will mark the end of Dirty Pretty Things - the band that Carl Barât formed a couple of months after killing off The Libertines.
    They're playing their "last-ever" gig at the London Astoria.

    I was lucky enough to catch two of their gigs this year. Unfortunately for me, those two gigs are the ONLY two DPT gigs I've ever been to. And to top that, Ive never been to a Libertines/Babyshambles/Pete Doherty gig ever.
    Oh well.

    The first gig out of those two took place during a one-day-festival in June in my original hometown of Stockholm, Sweden. The stage was theirs for an hour at 4pm. I can't remember the songs they played other than Gin And Milk and Bang Bang You're Dead, which btw was the song they finished with.
    It was a pretty lousy day in general - it was raining pretty much all the time and I was nervous as hell. I was waiting for the guys to show up along with like an additional 30 people when Gary came up on stage and started…
  • Dirty Pretty Things November 16, 2008

    17 Dec 2008, 22:38 by hanamiyaka

    On November 16, 2008, I went to see DIRTY PRETTY THINGS play one of their last-ever gigs.

    I shouldve written a review ages ago but I havent. Why? Well, the concert was fab, amazing, everything i had wished for and beyond. I got to meet Carl Barât, talk to him and... oh well :) It was a magical evening.

    As for the concert, it was amazing but I somewhat regret the fact I was standing in the very front because I basically only heard the guitars, not Carl's singing. Thankfully, Ive heard him sing his amazing songs before so I aint crying.
    The best part of the gig was DEFINITELY when they finished with I get along. You know, the Lib classic. I seriously started crying out of joy. Sounds stupid, I know, but I never thought that Id ever hear a Lib song being performed by either Carl or Pete so I couldnt believe it was really happening.
    So okay, I get along isnt Death on the stairs or What Katie Did but heeey its I Get Along! Those guitars, those lyrics! Pretty fricking brilliant if you ask me!
  • the track tracker II ~ updated 28/06/10

    10 Jun 2008, 16:26 by joviangel

    ...there's another fine bug in the world :s This little bastard killed a few updates on my other journals - so I'm starting a new one here ;)

    84.000th track played on 06/06/08 - Dirty Pretty Things ~ Tired Of England

    85.000th track played on 11/06/08 - Bon Jovi ~ Last Man Standing

    86.000th track played on 16/06/08 - Bon Jovi ~ Misunderstood

    87.000th track played on 25/06/08 - Dirty Pretty Things ~ Tired Of England/Buzzards & Crows

    88.000th track played on 01/07/08 - Dirty Pretty Things ~ Faultlines

    88.888th track played on 06/07/08 - Yeti ~ Can't Pretend

    89.000th track played on 06/07/08 - Razorlight ~ Somewhere Else

    90.000th track played on 11/07/08 - Dirty Pretty Things ~ Faultlines

    91.000th track played on 17/07/08 - Dirty Pretty Things ~ Best Face

    ...okay - off to a new game now obviously =) As changed it design & also the way they count tracks today I obviously got about a plus of 6000. 100.000 tracks are clooose baby ;)