• A great review of Dirty Martini

    1 Dec 2006, 22:05 by Pampelmoose

    Dirty Martini are a three-piece trio from Portland, Oregon whose debut album last year brought them to the forefront for those who enjoy quality songwriting, great music, and voices that help fulfill the intent of the musicians. Back then, the music was mixed with optimism and vitality. For their second release, Tea And Revenge, Lara Michell, Stephanie Schneiderman, and McKinley (each of whom write their own songs and share vocal duties) celebrate and honor the mystery of life's dark moments.

    The melancholy themes of the songs are like going through a summer of rainy days and struggling to find some kind of sunlight. A lot of these emotions are felt through the music and the voices of each singer. While their bio states that this release has them digging deeper to their Americana roots, the “Americana” tag almost reeks of exclusivity and they are much more than the limitations the tag offers. “"Easy Kill” is a powerful rock song with vocals from Mitchell that may bring back memories of Tanya Donnelly and Belly…
  • Dirty Martini

    27 Nov 2006, 02:24 by atrophic

    On the way home from work XM radio played a Dirty Martini song (after their live set with Barenaked Ladies which had me hooked on the station). "Fall Of Your Empire" was the song and it grabbed me with the way the bass and guitar's funky lines played with each other, and the wicked harmonies by the female singers. After getting home I went to research them and found that they're not very exposed yet. I found some music samples on their cdbaby.com sites (their original self-titled Dirty Martini, which is where Fall Of Your Empire is found, and their 2006 release "Tea and Revenge").

    I believe I stumbled upon a hidden treasure. Dirty Martini is formed of 3 (or 4 on the first album) established female singer songwriters that happened to find out they played really well together. They all continue their solo careers, but bring some of their songs to the table for Dirty Martini to play. The samples only made me crave more (be warned) so I bought both of the…
  • not in P-Town yet

    3 Jun 2006, 01:15 by mandirao

    so sad i wont make it home in time to check out:

    06.01.06 :: The Boy Least Likely To :: Doug Fir Lounge
    06.08.06 :: The Liars :: Dante's
    06.08.06 :: The Walkmen w/ Mazarin :: Berbati's Pan
    06.10.06 :: The Mountain Goats :: Doug Fir Lounge

    But maybe I could try and make it to??:

    06.16.06 :: Built to Spill :: Crystal Ballroom
    06.17.06 :: Built to Spill :: Crystal Ballroom
    06.17.06 :: Dirty Martini :: Doug Fir Lounge
    06.19.06 :: Calexico :: Wonder Ballroom
    06.30.06 :: Neko Case :: Crystal Ballroom
    07.03.06 :: Band of Horses :: Doug Fir Lounge
    07.22.06 :: Camera Obscura :: Doug Fir Lounge

    and what about Etta James at the Portland Zoo? eh? eh? is she still cookin'?