• Best Of's - Moe Edition.

    30 Aug 2007, 10:55 by K3mical

    100,000 has come and gone. 111,111 soon approaches, however, this has little relevance to anything I'm going to be talking about, I just like numbers with some sort of pattern.

    Anyway, now that school related things are finally calming down for a short period of time, and I need something to use with my immense powers of procrastination. Rather than doing my software major, I'm going to write a list of a few noteworthy artists, albums and possibly - though not probably - songs, and perhaps insert a couple of my over-shadowing and obnoxious views into it as well.

    Best Albums to Genre:

    Hardstyle: Generation Hardstyle Volume 1 - Probably the most notable of 'oldschool' hardstyle albums, as it contains - to me - the classics of hardstyle. Reverse basslines-a-plenty.
    Hardcore: Godspeed 2005 - Contains a number of pretty nifty tracks. Combination of hardstyle and hardcore.
    Chillout: Nova Natura 2 - An amazing blend of pure awesome. Easily the best chillout album I've ever heard.
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    17 Jan 2007, 19:57 by 3ct0n3k