• Best of 2007 - Albums

    24 Dec 2007, 21:12 by empathylacuna29

    This year had a lot of ups and downs, musically. I recall early April thinking that I'd just had he best musical beginning of the year in a long time. I have had that thought before, but was surprised to see that those early feelings held true and that as I put this list together, a number of those early faves made it to the top. As usual, there were a few big dissapointments (that second half of the Shellac album totally killed that one for me) and a few things that I really didn't seem to get as much as everyone else (but by all accounts should have based on my general tastes... hello, The Field?).

    I'm still looking forward to seeing everyone else's list and using up that Amazon credit that's burning a hole in my virtual pocket. Also, still looking forward to the CBS Top 100 (Tune in Dec 26th!) which, if past years are any predictor, will give me plenty to add to my early purchase bin in 2008.

    No more fanfare..

    Top 10 in order: