• A new shuffle!

    2 May 2007, 19:44 by codislove

    Woooooo everybody, it has been a while! I am too lazy to write my OWN shuffle quiz, so I found this 72 Question quiz on myspace and actually genuinely filled it out...then I decided "hell, why not make it a shuffle? :D" like I usually do!

    I have deleted/edited some questions because they'd make NO sense no matter what song I got...so that is why some numbers will be missing (I am too freakin' lazy to delete all the numbers :P :P).


    [1] What was the highlight of your week?
    Reunion? Oh man, that is kinda true!! I got in touch with some OLD friends from middle school! :D One of them is a singer now..CUHRAYZAY!

    [2] Who's car were you in last?
    Not Now
    At first, this did not make any sense...after looking through the lyrics, I realised: nothing new. It really does NOT make sense or answer the question XD

    [3] When is the next time you will hold someone's hand?
    I'll See It Through
    When someone I am crazy about comes into my life. Yep, that works...although I don't mind holding hands with friends!