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With Diggadgy formed in 2002.
Ideological instigators:
Lubavin Paul - synthesizers, samplers, drums, tabla, programming.
Lubavin Kostya - sitar, guitar, flute
After the collapse of Lipetsk RHINE (post-rock), brothers, musicians began experimenting in the field of experimental electronic music. Old love for the group THE BEATLES, especially for the experiments of George Harrison, which is inserted into the Beatles' song elements of Indian classical music playing on the sitar and THE CHEMICAL BROTHERSprivela to ensure that the musicians have decided to synthesize the electronics with ethnics. The new project was decided to name DIGGADGY (in Hindu mythology is a cosmic elephants guarding the eight cardinal points of the demons)

Sounds of Indian live instruments are organically interwoven with the electronic sounds of synthesizers and samplers, using voice samples from the Indian songs.
DIGGADGY play different music and a breakbeat and jungle, dub and ambient, techno and 2step. Group tours in Moscow and in Voronezh, speaks at many music festival at Voronezh and Lipetsk. In December 2005 DIGGADGY become residents of the club-restaurant GLAVFISH and club-restaurant SHANTI (branch of the Moscow club of the same name) in the Indian state of Goa on the beach. While working and traveling in GOA DIGGADGY acquainted with many masters of the game on the sitar and tabla, take lessons. Ibid in Goa the musicians met in Moscow a group of seven race, and in 2006 participated in recording their new album THE ILLUSION: Maya. In March 2007 DIGGADGY were at a party dedicated to the presentation of the book "Goa - Syndrome" by Alexander Sukhocheva. This book - the first Russian book on Goa, DIGGADGY become one of the heroes of the book. In June 2007 DIGGADGY musicians played the first rock festival hero of our time which was held in the Luzhniki Stadium in sotave RHINE group that became the winner of the festival, the song "Dream" sounds on "OUR RADIO". Lubavin Kostya Lubavin Pavel also took part in recording albums of LOS BANANAS (post-rock). Currently getting ready for their first album DIGGADGY, group is a resident club in Moscow and Voronezh 100 SHANTI streams.

Lubavin Kostya - sitar, sarod, flute
Lubavin Paul - drums, tabla, samplers, synthesizers, programming
Chernousov Sergey - bass guitar
Loot Alex - guitar, synthesizers

Birthdays group of participants:
May 14 - Sergei
August 12 - Pasha
September 2 - Kostyandra
December 24 - Lesha

Bands and artists, works which influenced the band's music DIGGADGY:
Beatles, Pink Floyd, George Harrison, George Martin, Led Zeppelin, Can, Shoking Blue, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Backley, Future Sound Of London, Red Snapper, Talvin Singh, Ananda Shankar, Ravi Shankar, Tabla Beat Since, Abbey Road, India , Bonobo, Jaga Jazzist, Ninja Tune, Amorphous Androgynous, Alfred Schnittke, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Orbital, Zakir Hussain, Radiohead, Apparat, Stanley Kubrik, Air, Kula Shaker, Death in Vegas, Plaid …

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