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DigDug is a founding member of the Agartha Arts Collective, a group of musicians and artists from the San Francisco Bay Area working to create a hybrid mythology through sound and image to function as social/political criticism, science fiction, and hallucinatory aid. The Collective serves Agartha, a city located in the interior of the Earth, where an inner sun illuminates another world inside ours. According to the Hermetic axiom, 'as above, so below', Agartha also simultaneously exists inside each of us. The collective mission of Agartha Arts is to excavate both realms and disseminate their findings through art and music. The Collective has shown work in galleries in Japan, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Oakland.

Born to a human mother, but fathered by a reptilian from the hollow interior of our planet, DigDug has since ascended to the surface of our world, and planted a series of vibrations he's labeled "Sinister Sound-Wave Seedlings". .DigDug's sound has been described as " Herbie Hancock meets the Swamp Thing," combining keyboard skills with subterranean samples and dirty drums. Dug's resume includes producing tracks for Nac1 (FSC, Bomb Records), the Presence (Uncommon Records), Remo Conscious (Soul Cipher Records), L.I.F.E. Long (Stronghold), Tracy Jones (SMI, Uncommon), The Hindrance (OTC Records), the Beatmonstas (Beatmonstas Ent.), 9th Scientist (Domination Records), Karniege (Uncommon Records), and Dopestyle 1231 (Run, Daly City), as well as soundtracks for videos by Energy Skateboards and AllOut Productions. His instrumentals have also been used by Element Skateboards and Texaco. Influences include Johnny Appleseed, Naga-Buddha, Black Elk, Howard Zinn, and Zev Love X. Keep an eye out for DigDug - you can't miss him, he's the kid with yellow cobra eyes and scales on his neck. ..

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