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  • Avatar for ard0r
    wow, country that I actually kinda like? :o
  • Avatar for SweetMelissa12
    Feel free to check and join the [url=]Country Artist of the Week[/url] group. Members vote for their favorite country artists to become the group's "Country Artist of the Week".
  • Avatar for Keelo1027
    Love him!
  • Avatar for CaptureTheCat
  • Avatar for countrymylife
    i luv dierks song life on the run the best and dierks is my most favorite singer ur soooooo cute
  • Avatar for dewe66
    Hmm, Why did I have you in my Fiend list ? It's nice, but how does it happen?
  • Avatar for Urbancrazybaby
    i love Dierks - great singer-songwrier and he is cute and has great hair!
  • Avatar for CountryGal1
    he's great!
  • Avatar for kxrizzlex07
    Ohh, what a hottie.
  • Avatar for telecasterman
    how am i doin'
  • Avatar for troyadambauer
    He is my way to get away from "americans" like meatwad
  • Avatar for lissawork
    He makes me proud to be an American.. Hard working, guitar playing, sexy man with a dog by his side... What's more American than that, "meatwad"?
  • Avatar for csmeatwad
    he makes me hate being an American.
  • Avatar for knightensen
    his new song is AMAZING.
  • Avatar for music5Luvchild
    god this men is sooooooo sexy. and his music is to.
  • Avatar for saraaab25
    loove his music! and his hair (:
  • Avatar for Tracyerin24
    Dierks you gave an incredible show this weekend at Lolla! You had the best performance by far! Check out some pics from the show...
  • Avatar for Gaynor7
    Come A Little <3 what a song
  • Avatar for ter840
  • Avatar for davidn87
    I wish he'd come back to Scotland. Would love to see him and Jace Everett together again.
  • Avatar for brittrebecca
    soon as you can is a great song!
  • Avatar for xxmystarss
    soooo amazing at the concert this past summer VALPO, INDIANA!!!!! LOVE YOU
  • Avatar for ine89
    hot hot hot
  • Avatar for LoveStoned2
    Ooo...I love his shorter hair!
  • Avatar for niceguyanthony
    For all fans of Dierks Bentley, watch his concert live from red rocks on your computer! is a free site that streams concerts and other events live. The show starts at 8:00pm central time. Log on for free and check it out!!
  • Avatar for echo725
    The live I-tunes original EP is excellent. Strips away the slick album production and really unleashes the songs to their full potential.
  • Avatar for mattosk
    Wow. They just about added all his songs to the player. Goodness!
  • Avatar for Jonesy11886
    Jeez...get the kid below me a helmet.
  • Avatar for nixhex4311
    Best Pornstar name of all time...Derks.
  • Avatar for KyoTohru
    hey!!! Ill settle for a slow downs video is great!!!
  • Avatar for KyoTohru
    sigh.............honestly, what more needs said? lol
  • Avatar for cmukid87
    Scratch that, 5th Time in March...6th time in June YEAHHHH!!!
  • Avatar for cmukid87
    I'm seeing him live for the 5th time this June. Can't wait either.
  • Avatar for Wallypop
    Everyone must see this man live. What a show.
  • Avatar for krokodi
    come a little closer is my favorite!!!!!
  • Avatar for razzle_spazzle
    Dierks rocks. Enough said.
  • Avatar for shakemegadisco
    Heh. Settle for a Slowdown is a really good song. The video's kinda dorky, though.
  • Avatar for KtM407
    i hate country but i really like settle for a slowdown... i dont even know what possessed me to not change the channel from cmt. eeek!


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