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  • Paradise is really good! I didn't mind it much at first, but it really grows on the second time. (It's not the masterpiece that is Laura, but still a pretty good album.)
  • ...it was great!
  • I read he is coming to Mexico ...that would be great!
  • Need a new album tbh.
  • Grey's Anatomy!
  • Diego sounds just as lovely live. Great performer. <3
  • Such beautiful music. Laura was my 2011-2012 winter album. I have fond memories of trekking through cold bleak weather with this album warming up my heart.
  • <3
  • "Laura" - is a perfect album!
  • Amazing artist - I can't believe I didn't find him sooner. Come to Toronto!
  • Why isn't this guy 100000 times more known?
  • coool!
  • I Love Laura, beautiful album
  • The album is soooo good! :)
  • Laura is a good album.
  • Diego Garcia Live & Unplugged http://streetdate.radio.com/2011/10/31/diego-garcia-releases-live-from-soho-ep-performs-live-at-street-date/
  • Diego Garcia is a must see live. Saw him at the Largo last night in Hollywood. The whole band amazing.
  • 'Laura' is one of the best albums of 2011.
  • laura is a great album !!!
  • underrated.
  • more people need to hear this beautiful music
  • Roses & Wine featured at http://www.fairlycoherent.com/2011/06/single-diego-garcia-roses-wine.html
  • I heard his interview on KQED. Great music!
  • good artist!! discovered him on the radio.
  • <3<3<3<3
  • review: http://fuckyouhipsters.blogspot.com/2011/04/diego-garcia-laura-2011-nacional.html
  • <3
  • http://www.myspace.com/dj.diegogarcia
  • I agree....where-for-art thou Diego?
  • in 2 years, I've been living off of a 4 track ep, a 6 track live recording, 1 song off of a split, and several unreturned e-mails. new release?!?! where is it? where did this band go??

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