• The "new" last.fm

    17 Jul 2008, 19:29 by feeding

    The launch of "new" version of last.fm.

    I am one of those who feel disappointed: the "new" website has lost the best part - simplicity - of the good old last.fm. What are these lame images scattered all over? Why is my (and any other members) avator so big? And the whole site is sooooo slow, even though this is not the first time with last.fm.

    However I quite like one of the new features I have just discovered: Personalised Podcasts. This is new, isn't it? (I didn't visit the last.fm profile page very often so I might have been missing this feature, though.)

    On the home page, that is http://www.last.fm/home , you see "Personalised Podcasts" section. Click on there and you'll have http://www.last.fm/home/freemp3s . There is a list of free mp3 files available on last.fm, according to your musical taste. Mine seems like quite "indie", "dance" and "post-rock". I will give it a try later.
  • Good streamable artists

    28 Jan 2007, 15:52 by 4esT

    on last.fm!
    In alphabetical order:

    Industrial (with some experimental elements) project from Poland. Listen to "Piece of Something" or die:)

    Abstract Avenue
    German ambient. I'd like to recommend "Audio Port". Check out also other releases from Legoego label (for example Boris Heizmann and Sinus Force)

    At the Lake
    Great polish melodic folk metal. Beautiful female vocal by Gosia Ługowska!

    Here comes the youth! Youngesters from Rzeszów, Poland presents us their two first demos. Feel the spirit of early Death (Leprosy, Spiritual Healing)

    Berliner dark speedcore/gabber. Great atmosphere!

    Darkness And Silence
    Another polish artist. D&S plays typical dark ambient. Dark as hell!

    Die In Progress
    Dark ambient + industrial + experimental with additional guitars. Pure misantropy and insanity!

    Ivan Dolowitz
    SID! For every man, who has ever played Commodore 64:) Liten also to similar project - The Machinist by last.fm user 1ink
  • Favorite albums 2006 - What will follow in 2007?

    16 Dec 2006, 01:20 by -Fragile-

    Great albums 2006 (ohne bestimmte Reihenfolge):

    Rammstein - "Völkerball"
    Das pure Live-Erlebnis! Alles noch ein Stück geiler als LAB.
    Standard Issue
    Electro, der die Massen spaltet. Für mich GENIAL, kein 4on4-Einheitsbrei, abwechslungsreich und aufregend.
    The Great Cold Distance
    Man bekam von Katatonia, was man erwartete. Persönliche Favoriten: "Journey Through Pressure" & "July".
    Rasthof Dachau - "Prison Poems"
    Dark Ambient suchte man vergebens. Pure Power Electronics mit interessanten Text-Samples.
    Dunkler Industrial Rock. Fetziger und eingängiger als die beiden Vorgänger.
    Devour, Rise and Take Flight
    Experimenteller, melodischer als "The Dividing". Kracht trotzdem an allen Ecken und Enden.
    Bind, Torture, Kill
    Johan bleibt der Chef im Hellectro-Genre! Meines Erachtens sein bestes Album.
    Rio Grande Blood
    Wahnsinnig harter, kompromissloser Industrial Metal. Jammerschade, dass Al 2007 mit "The Last Sucker" schon abtreten will. …