• Yosha in The Room Upstairs, KJWAN and Dicta License in Saguijo's 3rd year Anniversary

    2 Jun 2007, 08:16 by pageman

    I just saw YoSHA in Frontwomen First Fridays in The Room Upstairs were her group performed with Mozzie and Kaze and I must say, I need to hear this group more and more! I now understand why they don't need a lead guitarist and why they only have a keyboard and a jazz kit to accompany Karel Honasan on bass - Karel plays the bass like a lead guitar haha!

    Anyway, after The Room Upstairs, I went to Saguijo where we are doing video and digital audio recording of the 3rd year anniversary - I was able to catch the tail-end of the production night - Greyhoundz, Kjwan and Dicta License.

    Kjwan as usual rocked with its live set and Dicta Licenseclosed out Night 1 with their "Alay" song. I have a video of it somewhere. I'll update this blog when I have time.

    Tonight is Night 2 with Drip And it's going to end with The Dawn. Awesome!

    here's a video of KJWAN singing invitation at the 3rd year Saguijo Anniversary


  • Happy 2006, Happy 1st Birthday, Happier 2007

    31 Dec 2006, 20:57 by dannececoholic

    Chronological age: twenty three years old
    Music age: one year and four days old (Registered: 27 Dec 2005 at Last.FM)

    Yes, and it is just now that I have found my music niche. I finally know what I want to hear - I haven't moved homes since, but I have acquired more homes in no one village.

    Rewind. Rewind. Rewind. Rewind. Rewind. Rewind.
    Stop. Play.
    Back in highschool, until my sophomore year, MTV was pretty much my music guide. Loving whatever has a music video and whatever is (over)played at a moment. Squealing to Backstreet Boys and Boyzone, and dancing to SpiceGirls were the highlights.

    Rewind. Rewind. Rewind. Rewind. Rewind.
    Stop. Play.
    Still in highschool, junior year this time, I first heard of Jewel. It was a "How timely I am introduced to her poetry in music as I am studying art appreciation in my classes". And then my soon-to-be-music goddess, Cynthia Alexander, was raved upon by a friend. Looking at it now, she served as an inkling to my eventual attachment to indie.
  • For my fellow Filipino youth... Ito ang "Alay sa mga Nagkamalay noong Dekada Nobenta"

    27 Feb 2006, 11:07 by dannececoholic

    In a yet another perennial predicament, the Philippines is again tried of its ability to perceive presence and utilize its legs.

    With its present status, rallying youth seems overrated. I tell you, its not. To my fellow Filipino youth, i give you this song. Reflect on it. You have something to give, do not doubt.

    I laud Dicta License. They indeed have self-earned their way for their license to speak and more importantly be heard. Their album Paghilom truly relays that the beauty of the Filipino youth's character on nationalism is not lost, not at all...

    Alay sa mga Nagkamalay Noong Dekada Nobenta
    Dicta License
    Gumising na dekada
    Hinahamon muli ang bawat boses na tumutugon sa tawag ng lahi.
    Bawat boses na sinilang noong dekada nobenta
    Sariling interes lang daw ang yong nakikita.
    Nababahala ang nakakatanda
    Sabi-sabi nila’y mahina na yaring mga bata.
    Laki sa layaw at hindi na handa.
    Anong tugon ng kabataan sa ganitong pagkutya

    Ang alay mo’y