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  • markusromano

    lets go trippinnn

    May 2011
  • bachrodi

    i dislike most rock... but surf rock... i cannot pass up. i live it, breathe it, and well, it makes me really miss florida!

    May 2009
  • SillyMusicLover

    Use "Suggest spelling correction" function and vote to merge this entry with main Dick Dale's page.

    May 2009
  • SillyMusicLover


    May 2009
  • bachrodi

    i dont like guitars and rock music... but... I LOVE DICK DALE!

    June 2008
  • kabanz


    May 2008
  • csaavedra

    Wasted by Tarantino.... :-P

    December 2007
  • mada11


    November 2007
  • XtReMeMaBu

    Tarantino > all

    May 2007
  • JediMindTricked


    December 2006
  • Mistoelees

    Yeah, Misirlou originally is an old Greek song ;)

    August 2006
  • remnantpsyche

    dude, it's not even his song. but it IS an awesome rendition.

    August 2006
  • AwesomeOpossum

    If only people realized that he's so much more than that one song from that piece of shit movie pulp fiction.

    July 2006