• Of Perfect Solutions, Demons and Addiction

    Jan 10 2010, 11h18 por der_Karl

    Another one of these almost inevitable yearly best of journal entries. However, I think that 2009 had a lot of very good releases so I thought I'd mention some of these here. So, here we go, the 10 albums I liked the most in 2009.

    10. Mesh - A Perfect Solution
    The long awaited return of the British synthpop band - and this album also marks the return of Germany's label dependent records. This album is a worthy comeback album for this label and it might as well be Mesh's strongest release so far.
    Recommendations: Is It So Hard?, Who Says?, The Bitter End

    9. Diary of Dreams - (if)
    The trend towards more catchy melodies that DoD master mind Adrian Hates follows since a while now continues with this latest release. However, this does not necessarily mean that the lyrics become simpler and more poppy. If at all this trend serves to attract even more people to their contemplative songs. A solid work.
    Recommendations: The Colors Of Grey, Choir Hotel
  • Diary of Dreams and Deviant UK @ The Purple Turtle 23-Apr-09

    Abr 24 2009, 9h54 por chazzyf

    Thu 23 Apr – Diary of Dreams, Deviant UK

    Well I must admit that I bought a ticket for this show more because there was little else of interest gig-wise going on. I'm not a huge fan of either band and I must admit that I totally ignored the uninspiring Deviant UK set, preferring to chat with a mate at the back of the venue.

    I then watched around 7 or 8 songs from Diary Of Dream which was pleasant enough, but not as engaging or interesting as the show I saw them play at the Summer Darkness Festival in Utrecht a few years ago. I only have their new album (if), so I was familiar at least with several of the songs played, of which King of Nowhere was one of the better ones. However I guess that I wasn't in the mood and left mid-way through their set for a quiet drink elsewhere.