• Mantis Radio 112 + Robert Pain

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  • Rotations (Mar 3)

    3 Mar 2008, 01:56 by liftmuziek

    I shut down the lines, turned over the locks, silenced the clocks, and took a vacation. That was a week ago, and now seems like last year. Meanwhile, I had to take a step back from rotations, even though the music kept spinning on my mind. Thus a month went by, and now I'm back with another installment. All that doesn't mean that I haven' been keeping busy - I was able to document an exclusive interview with none other than The Flashbulb. So make sure to point your clickers there and read!

    Conversations With Benn Jordan


    Robert Logan - Grinder EP (Slowfoot)

    Last year, 19 year old Robert Logan hit the UK scene with his debut album, Cognessence. It was immediately embraced by the dubstep and the dark experimental IDM communities alike. In February 2008, Logan followed up his full length with a 12" EP on the same label, Slowfoot Records. …
  • Port-Royal: first album FOR FREE download!

    30 Jan 2008, 08:39 by idna

    Surely one of the most inspired italian post-rock bands, port-royal from Genoa, proves to be also a very generous one!
    Their latest Myspace announcement reads as follows:
    because you have to wait until april for the release of "flared up- remixes", we took the decision to give you our first album "flares" (whose songs have been remixed on "flared up" by such artists as Fizzarum, Ulrich Schnauss, Manual, Stafraenn Hakon, F.S. Blumm, Minamo, Judith Juillerat, d_rradio, Skyphone, Televise, Dialect, OPN) in a full and free downloading on our website. this will last from 31st january till the first days of april.
    aren't they lovely?!
    by the way Flares is an amazing record!
  • Falling off the Wagon

    1 Sep 2006, 18:47 by nkh

    Yeah, I've fallen off. I've been drinking for the past two days. Usually about an hour after I wake up. A full glass, straight. I had been doing well since I realised I had a problem a month or two back. I realised all my money was slipping through my fingers. I swore I'd never let it happen again.

    It's just... Innocent Smoothies are so good, don't you think? At £3 a litre I know I'm being ripped off, I know that if I spent an hour or so looking either here on the internet, or even just down the high-street I'd be able to find a similar product being sold at a fraction of the price. Even better I could go out and invest in a smoothie maker, sure.. it may cost about say.. £40 but that's the cost of what? thirteen cartons? I may well do that.. Who am I kidding? I'm a lazy bastard, I'll keep battling my addiction on a daily basis.. continuing to lose. Ah well.

    Anyhow, I suppose I may aswell say something about music while I'm blethering a big pile of rubbish. …
  • Intelligent Dance Music - Akıllı dans müziği (IDM)

    22 Mar 2006, 16:36 by msc1

    IDM, bir cok deneysel elektronik muzik stilinin geleneksel olmayan ritmlere odaklandigi bir muzik turudur. İsminde dans gecmesine ragmen dans muzigi degildir; modern elektronik muzigin stil ve beste tekniklerinden etkilenmiş olmasina ithafen dans muzigi denmiştir.

    İsmindeki akilli sifatinin nedeni diger muziklerden daha akilli olmasindan degil, daha cok elektronik muzigin sanatsal köklerini unutup tamamen hopla-zipla-dans et muzigine donusmesine tepkidendir. IDM yerine intellectual dance music, intelli-techno, art-techno 'da denmektedir.

    Size surekli dinledigim bir kac idm sanatcisi tavsiye edeyim;

    The Flashbulb

    Bu sanatcilarin albumlerine turkiye'de rastlamaniz zor, 10$'a uyelikle 'da electronica forumunda bulabilirsiniz. (bkz: easynews)