• Underrated bands pt2

    20 Jan 2006, 15:48 by drche

    The flip side of the underrated bands coin, is that of bands who've never made it as big as they deserve (IMHO of course!). Sometimes this may be a territorial issue, for example the Hoodoo Gurus were pretty popular in Australia but never really made it in the UK despite having a catalogue of great, quirky pop-rock songs (check out Like Wow Wipeout or Miss Freelove ’69. Sometimes though, an artist just doesn't catch the wider eye and sits in their own niche happily churning out albums that their fans enjoy. A great example of this is Devonsquare, a New England folk-rock trio (though Herb Ludwig, one of the band members, sadly died a few months ago). They've put out a number of really good albums (check out Bye bye route 66 or Industrial Twilight) but apart from a brief spell when they were championed in the UK by Bob Harris on his late night radio 1 show they've mostly been ignored (their stats have 8 listeners, but doesn't seem to update properly??).