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  • Avatar for dorkye0n
    she is just the girl, girl u want
  • Avatar for KarlaBeatles
    TaNk GirL <3
  • Avatar for Moonlight__Dawn
    One hit wonder my a$$!
  • Avatar for phailosophy
    windows media player
  • Avatar for southmaui
    loved the clubs on maui back then good memories
  • Avatar for AliceGetWasted
    Tank girl XD
  • Avatar for Dx13arker
  • Avatar for katrand
    Like ExtremeLila66 below, I am also hearing a slowed down version of this song. C'mon, LFM - we want the full speed version!
  • Avatar for GDAutumnMay
    Reminds me of Tank Girl!
  • Avatar for rickbenedum
    Dear has a plethora of other songs that aren't "girl u want." how's about playing one of those instead of this multiple times a day?
  • Avatar for sl8221958
    This is also (yet another) really great Devo video. (Yee-haw I'm a'hearin' things too, Athena920!)
  • Avatar for Athena920
    I swear Mark says "undefined lust" instead of "undefined love" on the Dev-O Live version...Or am I just hearing things?
  • Avatar for ExtremeLila66
    Supreme smoked salmon, sl8221958 ! : ) I prefer the version on the Tank Girl soundtrack.
  • Avatar for sl8221958
    Holy carp, now I'm hearing a dif. version on LFM. It's much slower. What album is this one on?
  • Avatar for sl8221958
    Woohoo! Lets dance . . .
  • Avatar for mihait39
    so catchy
  • Avatar for boehj
    one of the best vids ever
  • Avatar for lorendefect
    Fuck yeah
  • Avatar for cherokeegrl
    Look at you with your mouth waterin, look at you with your mind spinnin
  • Avatar for Darklord1
    Top stuff!
  • Avatar for Malkamillian
  • Avatar for silvasonicsurfa
    .......YEARS since I last heard
  • Avatar for prominence_la
    This song is TOO fucking cool. Too fucking cool. [2]
  • Avatar for SandTno1
    Used to play this song to death about 20 years ago.
  • Avatar for theswillman
    All love songs should sound like this.
  • Avatar for kiyoneitor
    Clasico pero Wenooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  • Avatar for Chumsicles
    it's like a dance party in my speakers
  • Avatar for alexia_N
  • Avatar for cheesetrolley
    This song is TOO fucking cool. Too fucking cool.
  • Avatar for gkentie
    lovin this version
  • Avatar for todunctious
  • Avatar for Tym-Benn
    I'm going to still be dancing to this song when I'm 90!
  • Avatar for draney13
    This is my favorite Devo song!
  • Avatar for squiggins
    Last FM doesn't always play the same version of a song each time you listen.
  • Avatar for alexia_N
    wtf no its not faster.... its the album version!
  • Avatar for DarklingAnubiss
    Is this version slightly faster than usual?
  • Avatar for Badsmitty
  • Avatar for trishbell
    Party song! Love those punks!
  • Avatar for seagull19811989
    great song
  • Avatar for docktertim
    Bunch of smart asses they a good way...
  • Avatar for kittencalamity
    Yesss! I hope they play Coachella!
  • Avatar for Jef_UK
    Amazing band. I just saw them play Q: ARE WE NOT MEN - A: WE ARE DEVO in Dec. '09, and they fucking rocked it. Such a great show.
  • Avatar for gnat-alie
    TANKGIRLLLLLLLLL I love this song.
  • Avatar for Ackibear
    What a song.
  • Avatar for AVintagelove
    I'm making this my theme song for today!!!! <3 <3 <3!
  • Avatar for treeperch
    Love the video for this one, and others by DEVO. Their videos from 30 years ago are still delightfully weird, even by today's standards.
  • Avatar for tattoojoe
    LOVE this song! LOVE TANK GIRL! LOVE DEVO! my friends and i did a one off one night played this live in a club had ev1 pogo'in and dancin great times!!!!!
  • Avatar for Crsjay
    makes me want to pogo.
  • Avatar for CAVermeer
    AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i freakin' love this song...
  • Avatar for Oceax


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