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  • How can something so crushingly heavy sound so chill and soothing?
  • Ki is so incredibly calming. I'm not usually one for chill music, but this is perfect.
  • Is the reason for the 氣 (ki / qi) character on the back being upside down really just a mistake or is there some philosophy behind it? (氣 is actually the traditional Chinese way of writing the character. In Japanese it's normally written as 気 and simplified Chinese as 气. So if you want to call it by it's Japanese pronounciation instead of Chinese, I guess it would make more sense to write it as 気. Just saying. I know most likely no one gives a shit.)
  • ki & terria 10/10
  • A grower for sure
  • Amazing album from the first listen for sure. Probably my favourite DT album.
  • Gorgeous and regal, aside from Trainfire
  • This album took a long time for me to get into as well, but as soon as I did it instantly became one of my favorite albums of all time. It's so damn powerful and it helped me in a few revelations about my life!
  • This album took so long since I could fully appreciate it. But when I could... I realised it's the masterpiece. I didn't like it in the beginning, but now I know.
  • This was the second record of his I heard, I first heard Addicted! which was AMAZING, but this record just blew my mind in so many ways. It's the epitome of creative control. Flawless.

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