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Devil Dinosaur is a thundering slab of rock and roll sludge. Initially formed by Johnny Lust/The Bloody Marble Collective members Eric Alan Leclair on bass, Jonas Levassuer on guitar, and Jeff Foran on drums, Devil Dinosaur came to fruition with the addition of ex-Motor Creeps singer Wayne Werewolf Initial writing sessions saw a blending of many different musical influences. Owing as much to the Stooges as Black Sabbath, Devil Dinosaur began molding their unique sound.

Jeff Foran left the group during the summer of 2011. The three remaining members began working on a series of demos showcasing their bastard blend of classic rock and punk fury. Jonas took over drum duties for the recording sessions that gave the world such jewels like “Starship Satan”.

Replacing Foran, would be Michael Leonard Maiewski of Stasis. Being no stranger to Doom, Michael adapted to Devil Dinosaur with great ease. Michael Leonard Maiewski is an American musician, and songwriter. Michael Leonard Maiewski is known for being in the bands Stasis, Exacerbate, Seahorse Battlefield, the Lotus Petals, Darktower, Necrolepsy, Pair of Dice, the Potion, Green Wizard, and his funeral doom solo outing Misery. Michael Leonard Maiewski also plays drums for the bands Devil Dinosaur and Highfather, bass for the bands Bleak Silence and strings and vocals for Retro Grave, a duet with original Trouble drummer Jeff Oly Olson. And started his own label Succulent Records.
As of right now a full length record is being written and prepped for humanity. The Mayans had it right; with the release of Devil Dinosaur’s full length LP, 2012 will be the end of days! The members of DD also formed a new experimental band Highfather.

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