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After spending years setting his “solo career” into first gear—post-Schizophones—in 2010, Deugalih officially created another talented ensemble to accommodate his peaking interest in music.

On August 17th, 2011, their single album debut, Earth , has been released by Wastedrockers.

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Deugalih & Folks are:
- Deugalih (lead-vocal & guitar)
- Yadi Cubek (guitar & backing-vocal)
- Galant Yurdian (bass & backing-vocal)
- Abah Donny (guitar & harmonica)
- Rasus Budhyono (irish tin wishtle & additional guitar)
- Imam Maulana (violin)
- Yogi Imamuddin (percussion)
- Gantira ‘Bagan’ Sena (drums)
- Agus Hikmat (banjo)

The single “Earth” was actually an old song by Deugalih, written in 1998. The song then received a full make-over and rearrangement which later was rerecorded as their single debut.

Earth begins the Deugalih & Folks’ journey to their debut LP next year. In the mean time, we hope you will enjoy the single “Earth”.

Words by: Dede Wastedrockers

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