• solipsistic NATION No. 120: Pasithea

    15 Dec 2008, 20:56 by solipsisticast

    It's a rare rainy day in San Diego and the weather goes along perfectly with today's dreamy mix.

    The second week of each month of solipsistic NATION I feature music from an electronic music label that I really like but this month I've been so busy that I couldn't find the time to do that. But since last month I did two shows featuring music from the Spectraliquid and Alfa Matrix record labels that I could be forgiven for slipping up.

    2008 is coming to an end and if all goes well, the next two editions of solipsistic NATION will feature HC from the Headphone Commute music blog favorite albums of the year.

    I'm going to kick off 2009 with a live set from Amon Tobin, who we had on solipsistic NATION, last March. I'm going to interview Amon this week and if you have a question you'd like to ask him you can either email me your question at or record your question on my voicemail at 1-619-717-6322.
  • solipsistic NATION No. 100: 100

    26 Jul 2008, 20:00 by solipsisticast

    These days I get all my news from the internet. I follow nearly a hundred blogs on various topics that fascinate. Instead of watching television I watch YouTube videos of video podcasts. And I never listen to the radio. I listen to podcasts. Nearly all the media I consume don’t come down from on high from multi-billion dollars corporations but folks just like you and me.

    solipsistic NATION is part of the new media movement and I thought we’d spend this week’s show exploring how people like yourself are participating and changing the way media works, which in turn changes the way we see ourselves, our community and our world.

    Half my life I’ve been a DJ at college and community radio stations, pirate and internet radio stations, and, for nearly four years I’ve been a podcaster.

    I’ve always been evangelical about being a DJ. I constantly encourage people to be a DJ and I’m always amazed how many people turn down the opportunity to get on the mic and be heard. …
  • solipsistic NATION No. 73: Wayout

    18 Jan 2008, 20:11 by solipsisticast

    A lot of times when I’m putting together shows my imagination will run wild and I’ll create a story with the music from the podcast acting as the soundtrack. The plot line often changes as I add or remove songs from the playlist.

    Take this week’s show, called Wayout.

    As I selected the songs an epic unfolded with a hero, Captain Cornelius, as it’s hero.

    Captain Cornelius is a multidimensional adventurer from a far-off place called Wayout, much in the tradition of Michael Moorcock or Moebius. The screenplay is by Grant Morrison and directed by, of course, the Wachowski brothers.

    The story opens with Captain Cornelius enjoying the decadence of Wayout, his every need and whim responded to with utmost devotion by his nanotech servants. But such a utopia comes at a price and when not off duty Cornelius is a stalwart defender of Wayout.

    The Captain is called to meet with his superiors. …
  • solipsistic NATION No. 48: Twitch

    29 Jul 2007, 22:29 by solipsisticast

    This week on solipsistic NATION we’re going to dig into the genre of Glitch.

    It’s generally accepted that Oval’s Wohnton, produced back in 1993, was the first proper album. Since then, quickly spread around the world as artists such as Autechre, Aphex Twin, and Yasunao Tone — who used damaged CDs in his Techno Eden performance in 1985 — followed suit.

    While adheres to logic, patterning, and order it can be at the same time either raw or delicate or, sometimes, both. We’re going to explore both the raw and delicate aspects of on today’s show.

    Photo credit: Yasemin Sabuncu (

    01. OoahStomp the Yard
    02. DetallesLoose Losse
    03. BlipvertLast Teeth Before Smiling
    04. Nick DidkovskyHell Beat 01, 110 bpm
    05. Dam OKlokia
    06. Raffaele MartinoJoint
    07. Crystal FakeFrostbite Freenite
    08. Rechenzentrum “IBM”