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    New Pic
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  • Avatar for ImperatorYr
    Cool band. They have a chance to become really famous.
  • Avatar for beaturmumdown
    dirty diana is so sexy
  • Avatar for Atreidezz
    I made Diana go OH!!!
  • Avatar for emazing_
    Anyone got a DL link for self titled?
  • Avatar for TheDrischer
    Hi! Check out The Hysteria! They released an sickest album "Paradigm of the Faith"! Check and download here:
  • Avatar for iPowder
    'I Told You So' rocks hard! \m/
  • Avatar for MonkeY_ShaNo
    DOAK you best of the best! im love you! From Siberia with Love <3
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    Untagged from "[tag]under 2000 listeners[/tag]" at 2640 listeners. It may take a while for the change to show. Visit the group [group]under 2000 listeners[/group] for more info.
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    отличная банда!!!
  • Avatar for xSTRGHTEDGEx Destruction Of A King Single Teaser 1.1.2012
  • Avatar for EpidemiKKK
    They have such a "feel good" vibe about them. They use it to create a sick mix of catchy 2-step songs & brutal breakdowns. Love this band.
  • Avatar for El-Corleone
    Simply the best Beatdown Band.
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  • Avatar for DemonKogure666
    doak is a cool name they should stick with it. the self-titled album is great, really easy to listen to the whole thing start to finish.
  • Avatar for xremcombx
    Perhaps it was an imposter! :o :P But why would they change DOAK, I like it more than the average bandname.
  • Avatar for xMemorialFieldx
    So apparently these guys are changing their name. Their guitarist was following Warped and came up to me asking to listen to his band. He didn't say he was in DOAK, but named another band instead. What he had me listen to was "I'll Keep Flying" and when I brought up the fact it was a DOAK song, he told me they were changing names. Don't ask me what the new name is because I can't even remember haha
  • Avatar for PerrySS
    I don't really like the new album. Allthough the breakdowns are much heavier.
  • Avatar for HaveHeart1k
    why they've changed vocals? shit, it's make me sad so D:
  • Avatar for gennyisrad
    heavy as mammoth balls
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  • Avatar for xremcombx
    Compare I'll Keep Flying of their S/T with Consumed....damn the song sounds about 10 times better on the S/T.
  • Avatar for xStywerx
    Единственное, из-за чего можно было слушать группу - вокал. Теперь он потерял силу. Музыка как была говном, так и осталась. Это провал.
  • Avatar for HaveHeart1k
    anyone knows where's old vox?
  • Avatar for xStevexSpikex
    Awful production, shitty music, vocals lost its power :O
  • Avatar for Deduct
    bro the old vocals are gone /cuts
  • Avatar for kleimoment
    епиха 2010 круче была)
  • Avatar for iDrinkJ4ck
    i thinks its the vocals. idk, they're just not as catchy as they used to be
  • Avatar for iDrinkJ4ck
    new album is good, but they traded their original-ish style for a poopy one
  • Avatar for iPowder
    solid album. cool band.
  • Avatar for koenvroom
    New album is awesome. I think there will be a lot of people disappointed because of the new style, but I really like it!
  • Avatar for HaveHeart1k
    where is the old vox now?
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  • Avatar for leo_cruz
    Dope show last night
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  • Avatar for equilibrium1337
    For daily updates and facts about bands like Destruction Of A King, The Acacia Strain, The Ghost Inside and many more from the core-genre check out Also like us on Facebook:
  • Avatar for niqpwnz
    this dudes is awesome!
  • Avatar for PerrySS
    Awesome band (:
  • Avatar for xStevexSpikex
    Music sucks, but vocals are fucking awesome. Very similar to The Ghost Inside. I hope that vocalist will find better band, he deserves more than another genericore shitty band.
  • Avatar for squezey
    I really wanna see these guys live. Hopefully they will come to Connecticut.
  • Avatar for darrenpj
    haha love the lyrics and the vocals I'm not really into hardcore but you guys are amazing
  • Avatar for volosor
    ur music is fucking awesome)
  • Avatar for poxrox94
    crowd kill
  • Avatar for Alexnomore
    this beatdown it's so ROCKY
  • Avatar for Not_So_Bearded
    I never knew i can fly so high, touch the sky, i touch the sky! My gosh, awesome lyric. Love you guys!
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  • Avatar for Naimo922
    I fucking love these guys.
  • Avatar for inconsolable52
    good shit


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