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  • Avatar for mattimek
    + We Are Alive +
  • Avatar for Hate_Goodbye
    Innocence and Ordinary life is amazing!
  • Avatar for NuMetalNewMetal
    cool band
  • Avatar for SUPERZENIT
    Норм группа
  • Avatar for Kershi-san
    нормальные такие
  • Avatar for hedjehos
    The terrible shit!
  • Avatar for Djeuk
    Cool guys ! ))))
  • Avatar for Panic_Maniac
    new record is not bad, but their old album "Destrophy - Destrophy" is much better!!!
  • Avatar for Fox_Genetrix
    Never heard of them before, but they were amazing last night with Otep!
  • Avatar for Meat_Wolf
    Cry Havoc is a good record, short, pushful, 'dare-devil', much more appealing than the s/t one. I don't like the remake of Still Bleeding so I replaced it with the demo version but there are many other good things in here: We Are Alive, Closer, Misery, overall, almost every track is pretty catchy.
  • Avatar for GrannyGreen
    I just saw them tonight with Otep and they rocked so hard that I just had to buy their latest CD afterward. The singer and another member signed it with such appreciation. They're awesome.
  • Avatar for Dream-force
    On Tour With OTEP!!!!
  • Avatar for SupahShadow
    alternative rock? doubt it.... probably just hard rock. screams/growls aren't the only components of metal anyway.
  • Avatar for Strider17
    Cry Havoc, great album :)
  • Avatar for MelancholyRage
    They dropped the Metal from their act and are just alternative rock now.. No more growls or screams
  • Avatar for BleakTrooper
    wow, the new record is fucking great!
  • Avatar for Truth2811
    STILL BLEEDING is my addiction !!! :)) <3 the chorus is awesome
  • Avatar for Latkens
    What have you done, guys...
  • Avatar for thenewreview
    We just posted our review of "Cry Havoc" at Check it out!
  • Avatar for RedSteel92
    If the clip of "Closer" is any indication of what Cry Havoc will sound like, then it's going to be more mainstream rockish. Not exactly what I wanted, but I'll stay positive. Unfortunately it's being released on the same label (Victory) as the latest Otep album so it'll probably get drowned out in sales.
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    Great band. Very underrated. Dislike the artist bio though.
  • Avatar for RedSteel92
    Their self titled is pretty badass. They put on a helluva live show too. And I would call them more alternative metal/hard rock rather than nu metal.
  • Avatar for raunchycaldera
    its pretty good alternative metal. Its weird i heard it on a victory records promo cd, on which all other songs were breakdownCORE.
  • Avatar for Anubis-kun
    Где вы там ню увидели?
  • Avatar for SoulBlade_
    No, it isn't. It's very bad actually.
  • Avatar for Battlefist
    Nice hard rock. Keep it on guys. :)
  • Avatar for an-gy
  • Avatar for Fck_r_sns
    Sometimes they sound like Nu metal. Song "Unkind" for example.
  • Avatar for breakingtherule
    Its hard rock/ alt.metal, not nu metal!!
  • Avatar for SupahShadow
    Are the older tracks on the Self titled rerecorded?
  • Avatar for TheMattMurder
    vote thumbs up for this picture its a new one. all the others are old.
  • Avatar for BlackSession323
    How they got on the Type O tour is beyond me
  • Avatar for Capri155
    just found these from an article in metal hammer and straight away i am impressed! hope i get chance to see them live in england!
  • Avatar for turdleman
    Saw them live and chatted with the group after, good band and cool dudes, definitely gonna keep an eye on em
  • Avatar for xOptimusxChadx
    a good bled of hard rock and a little bit of metal. I look forward to the new album.
  • Avatar for Caelvanna
    They sounded pretty good on the album, but I saw them live with Otep the other be honest...they weren't horrible, but they didn't impress either. Just thought people should have a heads up. :(
  • Avatar for Foxlight00
    fav : this is Not my life, let it go, eye for eye:)
  • Avatar for TehUber
    I remember when there were like 200 listeners on here. 1,300 doesn't seem like a lot, but they've gotten a lot more popular
  • Avatar for Izoklinka
    great band
  • Avatar for Shang-Tsung
    Waiting Game is the best for me. Love it.
  • Avatar for doom91
    eye for eye, my fav ^^
  • Avatar for BenOnUserstyles
    Pray is their best!
  • Avatar for adamf9898
    just heard em and gotta say i like em so just passing bye :)
  • Avatar for BenOnUserstyles
    Pray is an awesome song! This band is great (remind me of Dry Kill Logic)
  • Avatar for Slesher
    Got into this band today,not bad from what I've heard for now
  • Avatar for Gazegirl202
    nobody knows them but they are soooo good
  • Avatar for lunaricstardust
    OK im sick of fucking with it. is Lastfm like broken or will it not allow me to get to my OWN group i JUST made? anyone have amy knowledge on this stuff?
  • Avatar for TehUber
    Popping the comment cherry for my favorite band. :D

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