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  • Avatar for Dream-core
    New album sounds tight but too short [2]
  • Avatar for sangremuerto
    New album sounds tight but too short
  • Avatar for Kain_Boyer
    New album is fucking insane
  • Avatar for Tehgiggles
    therapy is gooooooooooooooood.
  • Avatar for BrootalK1d
    The Birth Of Corruption is their only good album
  • Avatar for Slava_Ponomarev
    greetings from Russia, good stuff
  • Avatar for ralphcastro66
    They play here in Madrid on wednesday. It is going to be such a violent and fun show. Stoked!
  • Avatar for igorthe_killers
    Come to Brazil!
  • Avatar for FatcapVandal
  • Avatar for DmitriyRyk
    Privet From Russia
  • Avatar for cleggmiester
    new song goes hard
  • Avatar for Thibarr
    oooooh yeeeeaaaaah
  • Avatar for zirkore
    Si me apunto para verlos!! Saludos desde México!
  • Avatar for Zombienation333
    Hey mates! If you like the old BWP, you should check these guys out: (OBLIVION from Barcelona). Hope you like it!
  • Avatar for JamuraiSack
    People hate this band? Desolated is pretty great. Also they started deathcore so to the people calling us retards, you are actually the retards.
  • Avatar for Misanthropist9
    Why so many people hate on this band? They aren't that bad.
  • Avatar for Misanthropist9
    ICHHWILLBIER: Their first ep was deathcore
  • Avatar for ICHWILLBIER
    Seen them live once, so heavy. After about 30 seconds some guy in the pit got his foot broken.
  • Avatar for ICHWILLBIER
    lmfaaoooo fuck any retard that actually thinks this is deathcore. [2]
  • Avatar for blood_and_bile
    lmfaaoooo fuck any retard that actually thinks this is deathcore.
  • Avatar for purpletentacle0
    yeah The Sixth Day bridges their first and second albums perfectly. People think they just changed their style overnight, but are unaware of that EP which was the middle-ground between their old and new sound
  • Avatar for FatcapVandal
    Don't understand the hype
  • Avatar for FuzzyxPickles
    the sixth day is the best ep evuh [2]agree, halfway between what they were and became
  • Avatar for lucabiax
    the sixth day is the best ep evuh
  • Avatar for Deliverancer
    This militant hardcore is so good
  • Avatar for luciferlovesme
    Check out the teaser for our comming single wich will be out in November 2013.
  • Avatar for niqpwnz
    just kickass!
  • Avatar for Sternikk
    hello download New 2013 single song by Brutal Deathcore band Dischord
  • Avatar for bizk1t_
    EP is just beyond brutal. Doesn't get much heavier imo.
  • Avatar for Julgo
    Singer looks like Edward Norton
  • Avatar for Fatherfucker666
    WOW! Disorder of Mind slays! pity only 5 tracks
  • Avatar for brandonTSSF
    who is the other vocalist in God's Eyes?! is it the guy from malevolence??????
  • Avatar for vilimelodico
    TBOC was great.
  • Avatar for perplexedminds
    straightfredge is a dumb cunt too
  • Avatar for perplexedminds
    this band is SO bad
  • Avatar for xEye4Eyex
    Чет новый альбом не впер. Видать из–за смены стиля.
  • Avatar for ubuntufriend
    love dem shouty lyrics and breeteesh accent... OIVE NEVAH FELT SO FAWKEENG REEZENTFAL
  • Avatar for bizk1t_
    atmo intro - faster part - atmo break - slow part - final breakdown. awesome!
  • Avatar for KosTeT72RUS
    альбом очень неплох, несмотря на смену жанра.
  • Avatar for xEye4Eyex
    Качают нехуево!!
  • Avatar for Jayden_Patuckie
    Hey) Good stuff here!) Check out my friends' math\exp band) [artist]The Hysteria[/artist] If you 'em, feel free to share it with friends!) Thx a lot for attention)
  • Avatar for TaggingMachine
    Untagged from "[tag]under 2000 listeners[/tag]" at 2638 listeners. It may take a while for the change to show. Visit the group [group]under 2000 listeners[/group] for more info.
  • Avatar for CytharsisMB
    If you're a fan of (old) Desolated, you might enjoy this. New UK deathcore band from the southeast!
  • Avatar for IILAmbdA
    wow, I'm impressed
  • Avatar for lk_clip
    New EP is great
  • Avatar for KosTeT72RUS
    очень даже)
  • Avatar for snappy5
    Жду не дождусь следующих творений этих качевых парней
  • Avatar for DemonKogure666
  • Avatar for iPowder
    Whoa! heavy heavy good!
  • Avatar for straightfredge
    black flag meets cannibal corpse


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