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    "making a cross is soooo good" This is true.
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    Hey! If you like the Desert Sessions, maybe you like my band Dumb Dish too! Please check out our live footage of the song 'If I only cared' To stay tuned you can 'like' us on Facebook: Thanks in advance!!
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    amazing, i love this :)
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  • Avatar for tinkerbell-het
    polly wnats a crack, dammit
  • Avatar for SPITfire35
    Hi! How are you? Today I've uploaded the first video of my band Dumb Dish: Please let me know what you think =)
  • Avatar for Gabriel_Falcao
    Nice stuff man!
  • Avatar for Falcon_pile
    I don't know why I haven't listened to this before, but this is awesome
  • Avatar for J-K47
    This music was made to masterbate to :L
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  • Avatar for Glouny
    Vote for this pic ! :)
  • Avatar for captainyodel
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for desert-monkey
    will there be a new record (vol. 11/12) in the next months/years?
  • Avatar for tearaway_Tea
    It makes me happy listening them =)
  • Avatar for MoniqueSecrow
    I think this is fucking awesome band. Their music style is very various. :)
  • Avatar for Megantron
    making a cross is soooo good
  • Avatar for lovespam
    who the fluck has a tagged version with the artists....!?!
  • Avatar for BlueFacedBeast
    First album isn't completely instrumental....
  • Avatar for Feest-
    No, only first album is instrumental, others are with vocals
  • Avatar for oldghostblues
    I have one question, this is only instrumental music??, I just listen some songs and there's no voice
  • Avatar for AcidAmmo
    Their Avon, and their Hanging Tree are a lot better than Queens'.
  • Avatar for ErinStorm
    Oh Jesus...favorite ever.
  • Avatar for kurtmanson81
    next one? next one?
  • Avatar for Letni
  • Avatar for gacktxrawr
    cant wait for the next one.
  • Avatar for scatterbrain123
    beautiful musicial family
  • Avatar for petross85
    another bender, repeat offender. hope josh et al find time to make 11 & 12. obviously another TCV or QOTSA record come first, but i do love all the desert sessions, esp 7 & 8 and 9 & 10
  • Avatar for echoplxx
    PJ Harevey is good man!
  • Avatar for echoplxx
    Last 1 min 25 secs of Dead in Love are just stoner...
  • Avatar for echoplxx
    Josh Homme is insanity!
  • Avatar for Nerolus
    Any redditors around here? I started a Desert/Stoner rock subreddit to share your favorite pictures/interviews/songs. Come visit and help me kick off a good listening community :)
  • Avatar for _NEEDLES_
    I'm Gonna get me some sheperds PIE!
  • Avatar for RaptorBoost
    Teens in Thailand is magical
  • Avatar for hetismarloes
    I just love The whore's hustle & the hustlers whore <3 great project very underrated tough !
  • Avatar for thiiss
    Como sempre , Josh Homme em mais uma banda muuuuuito boa de desert rock
  • Avatar for MrManou
    Unicos en su especie!
  • Avatar for juarez013
  • Avatar for fajfar
  • Avatar for funkyjunkie
    Cowards Way Out!!!
  • Avatar for Knifymoloko
    Sheperd's Pie!! [2]
  • Avatar for olin1981
    check the new album from "pyrior" a stonerband from berlin. great suff
  • Avatar for Nihil_
    Sheperd's Pie!!
  • Avatar for Lucrezia-Borgia
  • Avatar for manatlan
    Really happy to have discovered that ! thanks lastfm ;-)
  • Avatar for tammytrauma
    1&2 is the best, with collab from ben sheppard
  • Avatar for nathansynge
    PJ Harvey....
  • Avatar for kakrine
    Who's singing in There Will Never Be a Better Time?
  • Avatar for ElisabethKaizer
    Please join my group, "The mighty beard of Jesse Hughes":!/group.php?gid=144345648944031&v=wall


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