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    breathless moments all the way through
  • Avatar for FaiAhmed
    ١٩٧٩ ♥♥
  • Avatar for windpearl
    Somehow 1979 reminds me of Boards of Canada, but darker and more sad. Excellent album, enjoyed every track!
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  • Avatar for the_Crowder
    1979 is going to be earth-shakingly good.
  • Avatar for nemomura
    出るね。。 great music! ^-^ "I Want" is haunting.
  • Avatar for secretcritt
    "basically, fuck you" Omgodz.
  • Avatar for DethGatling
    I Would Like, I Want...continuous.
  • Avatar for cabfedhig
    chilling, echoing tracks, such reverent syntheses conceptually and sonically no matter the length.
  • Avatar for hunkydoris
    Say Goodbye To Useless is a perfect album.
  • Avatar for SpaceRobotMan
    I'm a big fan of Deru and my electronic music project shares some similarities with his sound. I'm sure some Deru listeners would really enjoy it. Give it a try it's free.
  • Avatar for willo2808
    If you are into Deru, you are going to love Lukid. Riquelme is my favourite track from his new album Lonely At The Top. Prepare for some beautifully dreamy & hazy electronica.
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  • Avatar for Murvin01
    and a hint of glitch-hop too I should add ;)
  • Avatar for Murvin01
    "Say Goodbye To Useless " is frickin awesome, loving the jazzy feel to it!
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  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
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    Первый альбом дико абстрактный и футуристичный
  • Avatar for reg6031769
    rediscovered in my library & reloved [2] Totally thought the same thing before visiting this page, great music!
  • Avatar for mushroomsseason
    i am pushing the air over and over and over in safemode
  • Avatar for kandelabra
    rediscovered in my library & reloved
  • Avatar for X-Romantic
    альбом 2010 самый крутой имхо.
  • Avatar for Seiswork-lastfm
    "Trying to remember" is one of my best albums !
  • Avatar for funnymataleao
    You are genius! Respect from Russia!
  • Avatar for cometbus
    Heard straight speak on Idol Tryouts Two: Ghostly International Vol. Two, def gonna craw through his discography. Great sounds!
  • Avatar for meisderu
    Hi Friends, I've uploaded "Say Goodbye To Useless" so you should be able to listen to that now. Hope you enjoy. - Deru
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    kireal, what a douchebag! go back to listening to enya pls
  • Avatar for kireal
    Listened through his "Say Goodbye To Useless" album several times and deleted without a bit of sorrow... Not worth listening.
  • Avatar for mr_tortoise
    Why is "Say Goodbye To Useless" not on here? Currently my favorite Deru album.
  • Avatar for Videad
    I've discovered Deru recently and I can't stop listening to his stuff. I tried what last fm listed as similar artists but they're nothing like him. I want to listen to more IDM, any recommendations?
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  • Avatar for muniralive
    DERU !!!
  • Avatar for Nils_iver
    raum, that's what IDM is all about in the firstplace, intelligent music
  • Avatar for fortysixandtwo
    great stuff
  • Avatar for Penfish
    I heard Deru was friends/an acquittance of Ginormous' Bryan Konietzko. Anybody can confirm this?
  • Avatar for raum
    I hate IDM - but I love Deru and his music. It's more intelligent than all this conventional IDM...
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    REVIEW :
  • Avatar for hunkydoris
    'Say Goodbye to Useless' - amazes me every time, especially Fadeaway and What Happens When You Ask. and of course Peanut Butter & Patience :)
  • Avatar for WiktorWi
    <3 miazga
  • Avatar for vsumic
    New Album is great!
  • Avatar for thedolab
    A true musical artist! The music gets even better when its louder :)
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  • Avatar for MoreDistortion
    I'm pretty sure the brownie I ate during the concert kicked in during Peanut Butter & Patience because this song is giving me some seriously good vibes, SICK BEAT
  • Avatar for MoreDistortion
    thanks for being awesome at Highland Ballroom NYC!
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