• [176] Derek and The Dominos – Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs (1970)

    18 Oct 2009, 10:52 by Llorenza

    Derek and the DominosLayla And Other Assorted Love Songs

    I guess I’m not that much of an Eric Clapton adept. With the exception of Cream’s Disraeli Gears, his indisputable astonishing guitar playing talent doesn’t seem to gain my infinite admiration. I have a bit the same feelings about this album as about John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers: a lot of guitar, not always that interesting.

    Before I get loads of negative comments that I must be crazy not to like this fantastic guitar-driven album: the “not always that interesting” is about 50% of the songs. But 50% of 76 minutes is more than half an hour, so quite significant.

    However, (very important, there is a however!) there are the songs Bell Bottom Blues, Why Does Love Got to Be So Sad? and of course Layla that in their absolute greatness make this album an absolute must. Perfect melodies, perfect guitar playing (Eric Clapton on guitar versus a fantastic Duane Allman on slide guitar…. …
  • February Mixtape - Generations

    28 Feb 2009, 19:12 by laura_mac

    So here we are again, on the very last day of the month. This month's mixtape theme was generational music--songs handed down to you by your parents, and songs you want to hand down to your kids. This was pretty personal to me, especially the first half, which really brings back memories of my early childhood. "Bennie and the Jets" was my first favorite song, and when my parents allowed me to operate their old turntable when I was about 7 or 8, I would play Goodbye Yellow Brick Road over and over. While the other kids in my school were listening to boy bands, I was listening to my dad's Marshall Tucker Band CDs. And I'll always associate "Low Spark" with my parents, since my mom and dad knew Steve Winwood in the 80s, and own a signed copy of Low Spark on vinyl. When I would fret about something silly as a kid, my mom would always say to me, "don't worry too much it'll happen to you."

    The second half, made up of songs I want my children to hear, was tricky. …
  • Biomusicology

    18 Aug 2007, 22:58 by zeppyfish

    I should be taking a nap, but here goes (thanx to jadeybeans):

    01. put your music player on shuffle
    002. for each question press the 'next' button to get your answer

    if someone says 'is that ok?' you say;
    Heaven Can Wait

    what would best describe your personality;
    Moon Shadow

    what do you like in a girl;
    The Town Halo

    how do you feel today;

    what is your life's purpose;
    Take This Waltz

    what is your motto;
    Cabin Essence

    what do your friends think of you;
    Cold Sweat

    what do you think of often;
    Delicious Demon

    what do you think of your best friend;
    Better Than Most
    (that almost works)

    what do you think of the person you like;
    The Professor/La Fille Danse

    what is your life story;
    Hesitating Beauty

    what do you want to be when you grow up;
    I Always Wanted to Be a Tenenbaum
    (yay! Finally one that makes sense!!!)

  • Clapton in Vancouver - Mar. 23/07

    29 Mar 2007, 06:06 by kiirsti

    Fri 23 Mar – Eric Clapton

    Great concert, played a lot of stuff from "Layla" (Derek & the Dominoes) which was great because that is definitely one of my favourite albums ever. Unfortunately he Clapton didn't play 'Bell Bottom Blues' which is my favourite Derek & The Dominoes song, but he did (of course) do 'Layla'. Besides being a little loud (I like loud as long as it's not so loud that it starts to take away from the music because you start to hear fuzz).........besides that it was GREAT :)!!! No great light show or anything really fancy like that, but with someone like Clapton playing you really don't need anything like that to distract you from watching a guitar-god play.
  • The Pearl in the Deep - Good Music I have Finally Found

    30 May 2006, 22:31 by OthelloMT

    Growing up, I was a slave to the mainstream. In high school, mainstream Gangsta Rap was my thing, along with angst-filled Alternative. What can I say? I liked it then, I identfied with the shallowness of it. But since then I have started to look at my own life, had to reflect on it, and try to muster some direction from it. There is certain music out there that has helped me do that. Some songs just make you think - maybe not so much about the direct subject matter of it, but about how it applies to your life. Any idiot can put together a sappy love song or a vengeful breakup song. And alot of them are.

    I have learned to appreciate a good lyric like one of the great Bob Dylan. His timeless songs transcend his own life and career. Songs like All Along the Watchtower made famous by Jimi Hendrix, and lesser known ones like One More Cup of Coffee are all worth a listen. Many themes can be found in his body of work, from the racist injustice manifested in Hurricane for example. …