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  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    One of Sweden's best bands, IMO.
  • Avatar for sangremuerto
    Brutal and technical as fuck.
  • Avatar for Chuzhbogh
    still blowing my brain out with Cut, Carve, Rip, Serve. Monolithic!
  • Avatar for Kampfar78
    Morgue Orgy is another slab of hard hitting death from these Swedes. I hate Sweden with a passion, gullible fuckhole it is, but some of their death metal units are top notch. Deranged is for certain one of them.
  • Avatar for Lord_Krichian
    thats how i like my music, brutal and melodic
  • Avatar for Schizo696
    Generally good band ! "High On Blood" rules !
  • Avatar for nopuppet
  • Avatar for Boychev
    "The Canadian thrash band is pretty awesome." [2]
  • Avatar for Goodbrood
    "cut, carve, rip, serve" is everywhere :O
  • Avatar for Goodbrood
    Why I only hear "cut, carve, rip, serve" on "Obscenities in B-Flat"? o_O
  • Avatar for Chuzhbogh
    The Thrash Band sucks. I'm here for the swedish Deranged.
  • Avatar for crate77
    Buy а Guitar!!!
  • Avatar for super_ruben09
    The Canadian thrash band is pretty awesome.
  • Avatar for Seroth_ New swedish metal festival! Check it out :) DERANGED confirmed!
  • Avatar for Chuzhbogh
    I fuckin' love this Band! It's the most morbid, sick and twisted shit i've ever heard in my 20 years of Metal Music.
  • Avatar for Slayer78
    It's a shame Martin left, liked his vocals and all, but I think the band will cope. Or at least I hope so. Fuck!
  • Avatar for DieGo776
    these guys are fucked up...martin left the band, what will they do now
  • Avatar for Seroth_
    Deranged confirmed for Faceplant Metalfest 2012!
  • Avatar for Slayer78
    The new album is indeed killer, a killer who cuts, rips, carves, and serves. Fucking love this band.
  • Avatar for Chuzhbogh
    New Album is Killer!
  • Avatar for DieGo776
    cut carve rip serve is their worst album. rated-x rules!!!
  • Avatar for artgeek666
    New stuff kills!
  • Avatar for mediocre
    A modest amount of listeners doesn't mean it's underrated. Just underlistened.
  • Avatar for burning_caskets
    Only 6k listeners? Hugely underrated band! Check out [artist]Burning Caskets[/artist] if you dig death metal, let us know what you think!!
  • Avatar for gislahurst
    No offense, but Martin Schönherr is one one the most boring and identityless Death Metal shouters I've ever listened to. Due to his dull barking it's almost impossible to enjoy the new album! Maybe Deranged should consider to work again with Per Gyllenbäck or Fredrick Sandberg on their next album...
  • Avatar for Chuzhbogh
    The re-recording of Flesh Rebel is fuckin' Killer. Also sounds like they're getting faster Album by Album.
  • Avatar for thethundergod
    Very Underrated.
  • Avatar for Metallimaster
    New album is AMAZING
  • Avatar for Andrewcreator
    new album is crushing
  • Avatar for CraziestFucker
    great band! High on Blood rapes !!!
  • Avatar for Pisi777
    Great music.
  • Avatar for karlosa
    killer new album
  • Avatar for XenoChist
  • Avatar for Chuzhbogh
    Needs more Listener. Awesome Band, no Album of them sucks.
  • Avatar for HeadyB
    "Rated X" a true death metal classic.
  • Avatar for Hexoctahedron
    Deranged and similar decent & rare stuff in my musical blog entitled Never Heard These Sounds:
  • Avatar for Metallimaster
    Underrated :/
  • Avatar for d00m666
    Best DM-Band ever.
  • Avatar for H-channie
    How not to play Death Metal #101
  • Avatar for HeavenTaichou
    NJ Thrashers.
  • Avatar for sanchayan_maity
    Canadian Deranged. Thrash \m/
  • Avatar for chillersmiler
  • Avatar for Wickerness
  • Avatar for NecroDoctor
    Killing Spree!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Painwarlock
    needs moar neckbeard
  • Avatar for Aserikoth
    Their "Sculpture of the dead" demo is really good
  • Avatar for XDanielX
    is this really music?
  • Avatar for NecroDoctor
    Fuckin brutal \m/
  • Avatar for lojje
    October 3rd! \m/
  • Avatar for PoupeeCelestia
    so exotic and sexy


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