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Der Hagen Bahn (The Youthful Open Space).

Other than using AC powered machines for editing i.e. computers, 4 tracks, Der Hagen Bahn uses only DC, battery powered machines to create and record their tracks. They are an offshoot from Derek Lotek's original "Dry Cell Orchestra." copyright

No plugs, outlets etc.

You can find Der Hagen Bahn at a beach in California or a Music Festival in Illinois, with a card table and a bunch of battery powered instruments, toys, machines being used to create a Neanderthalish PreSchool/Techno atmosphere.

Below is an example of their first show as Der Hagen Bahn. Keep an eye out for the video, which will appear soon.

Below is the first write up on Der Hagen Bahn in the Tasty Fresh online magazine.

"Finally, to my guilty pleasure, the impromptu card table full of battery powered gadgets making Cornerstone techno history. I was walking from the GFA stage to the Dance Barn and I just after I crossed the footbridge I saw it. Better yet I heard it. Wow did I hear it! There were these two guys that go by the names of Sp_ceboy and Derek Lotek with a lot of vintage drum machines and a radio transmitter and foot pedals and a lot of stuff that I have never seen before all connected together with patchcords. They were running their sound through two little guitar monitors. I found myself in a predicament. I needed to get over to the dance barn, but these two were amazing! They were, as I like to say, rockin' it old skool. Every sound I heard I saw them hitting buttons for and their hands were all over all this gear. I mentioned a radio transmitter…They were using the static and "whistles" from the slightly off frequencies to add to the music they were creating. It's hard to describe what that sounded like other than primitive techno drum beats meets futuristic reverb. There’s not even a word for it. It's indescribable, yet intoxicating. Since the festival, Sp_ceboy has joined the TF Forums and that makes me happy because I can pick his brain a bit!!!"

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