• Boom Bash 5: Where Cookie Monsters Meet Lounge Lizards

    16 Jul 2008, 17:20 by clvngodess

    Was it just me, or was the city a freaking ghost town on the 4th? It was a weird night in L.A. It seemed like there was no one on the road at all. And no one out and about. Where were you? Ya missed a great fucking gig. Do NOT tell me sucking on weenies and relish was more important than having a really good time watching live music with a bunch of really hot chicks. (And FYI, Rayko's Dig Jelly crowd brought in a bunch of really hot chicks, you losers.)

    The night rode in hot and humid with the greasy swampy sounds of Alfajerk. Man, if ever my existence takes a turn down the Deliverance River of Life, I want this band in the canoe to help fend off the evil inbred banjos. And was that a Henny Youngman reference I heard in one of those songs? Kudos to a band that even knows the name Henny Youngman.

    Deputy Zero was one of the night's pleasant surprises providing a slightly psychedelic rockin' alt groove that grabbed my by the serotonin and synapses. …