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Construction Time Again
Depeche Mode

Construction Time Again


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  • Working on the pipeline....
  • The most industrial cover ever.
  • the reprise of everything counts isn't listed on the tracklisting of the vinyl - it's the most wonderful surprise
  • “紧抓的手,抓住一切,尽其所能,一己之私。”——《Everything Counts》 一个完美又前卫的乐队,相当于中国的达明一派。 这是我见过最优秀的乐队,没有之一。 他们在思考,也在玩音乐。 第一次认识他们就是因为这张专辑,《Told You So》《Everything Counts》。一张充满工业时代的躁动和焦虑情绪的唱片,现在觉得连噪音都是那么的美艳,虽然有几首歌是儿歌的感觉。^_^
  • Самый любимый альбом из ранних.
  • 第一次认识Depeche Mode听的是它。对工业噪音(industrial)极端崇拜,每首歌都有一点儿环境噪音soundtrack,很钢铁,虽然有一两首歌有点儿pop有点儿Q,总体是很强烈的英雄主义。不止一次地说,他是我的偶像,因为他为我打开了电子音乐世界的大门,从此中毒一发不可收拾。
  • And Then...
  • You know, I've listened to DM almost 6 years, but this work is only now understood. CTA is magnificent! And if you can't figure it out, it's just a question of time.
  • omg, i fell in love with Pipeline O_O
  • i love how industrial this is[2]
  • I love the industrial sound of it and Everything counts makes for a whole album. Masterpiece of a song.
  • To me, this was just a warmup of better things to come (being Some Great Reward).
  • i love how industrial this is :)
  • the usage of sampling soundtracks inside industrial music is really maverlous!!! Told You So. Pipeline. Everything Counts. More Than A Party. awesome industrial noises!!!
  • This is a perfect album - nothing superfluous, nothing missing. Their absolute best IMO.
  • Everything Counts!
  • One of my faves records
  • One of my favourites, it's great & fucking awesome!
  • Кошмарный диск, слушать невозможно
  • not one of their best work, but still ahead of the synth bands of that period
  • I doubly disagree with der_ketzer
  • my very first vinyl - back then, gosh, long ago... and still legendary
  • bought this on 7 inch in about 1982?? love speak and spell.
  • One of their strongest cassette (album)
  • Love it to death but A Broken Frame and Some Great Reward were both better.
  • moralizing..
  • Under-appreciated
  • yeah Told You So should have been a single (why did they only release 2 singles from CTA anyway?)
  • This is a damn good album. It's one of my favorite three: A Broken Frame, Construction Time Again, and Some Great Reward.
  • Cassette tape..oh yEAH!!!
  • This is when things began to get serious... I love Told you so, it should have been a single!
  • Ahh! Such a great album!
  • I fucking love this album.
  • pipes...need more pipes!!!
  • I see they finally cleaned the tracklisting for this up, lol. fantastic album.
  • I love sampling!!! we're laying a pipeline!
  • sometimes Love in Itself is written with a comma and sometimes not. it depends on the album: on the single collection from 81-85 it is written with no comma but on CTA it is written with a comma. there are several tracks where there is such a case.
  • no idea about the weird track list here, anyway my new favorite album!
  • great album - have had it on tape since the 80s - but what's with all the mis-spellings on the track list there?

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