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  1. Black Metal Band from New York, USA featuring Dominick Fernow of Prurient and owner of Hospital Productions

  2. Black Twilight Circle entity.

  3. 1. Glossolalia is a one-person extreme metal project formed in 2006, with recorded material through 2009. Crepusculo Negro recently released a…

  4. Haunting shrieks, dissonant melodies, and a mind numbing low-end together comprise nine utterly dark compositions in the vein of nothing else. An…

  5. Blistering raw black metal from Illinois.

  6. Hungarian lo-fi black metal band.



  7. Furdidurke is an American raw black metal band. They are currently releasing their music through Klaxon Productions.

  8. Jackboot Black Metal marching to war in a furious showdown. Brimming and violent haze of distorted warfare, oi-stylings and crack skull swamp…

  9. Raw black metal from Texas.


    Crooked Cross (Demo, 2009, self released)
    The Night is My Whore (Demo, 2011, self released)
    The Beaten…

  10. Black Twilight entity, from the infamous Black Twilight Circle

  11. Luciation exist to create utterly harsh, noisy, fast black metal with an unnervingly evil atmosphere.

    Current line-up:
    Bestial Butcher 666 - Vocal &…

  12. Droning Raw Black Metal from Norway. 2007 Demo on Fossbrenna Creations.

  13. "Grand Mood was a fierce alliance that recorded two sessions of black metal and eventually succumbed to its own self-fulfilling prophecy."


  14. Ephemer is a Canadian black metal band featuring members of Forteresse and Csejthe. They have released two demo tapes; Guerre et Gloire (2011)…

  15. Black metal from the US, part of the Black Twilight Circle.

  16. There are at least two bands with the name Arts:

    1] Arts is an American Raw Black Metal band featuring Mark McCoy of Haxan, Ancestors & Hallow…

  17. Raw black metal consisting of Dominick Fernow and Mark McCoy. CS out (sold out) on Youth Attack!

  18. Disgusting raw black metal from Portland, OR.

    Anti-Cascadian black metal.


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